Turning the Hose on Culver

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So much for the whispers among the anti-Culver folks. Whispers, no more. Nussle’s debuting a radio ad where the announcer asks, “is Culver smart enough to be governor?”

It’s a direct response to that tv ad where Culver and Patty Judge stand in the “rain” criticizing the Earthpark project (bringing the human-made rain forest to Pella). The ad surprised some people, including some dems with whom I regularly talk. They say it’s a natural to tie Nussle to those big-spending pork projects from other states, but to take on a big Iowa project and call it wasteful? But, then again, they say, What if it works?

(One little note…the radio ad announcer talks about Culver’s rain hat. It’s actually Patty Judge’s rain hat, in case you care.)


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