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Hey it’s Trisha!
Busy day, so I’ll just add a couple of things here.

10 candidates hit the stage in a GOP debate tonight at 7pm on MSNBC. Chris Matthews is the moderator, which should give it an edgy (if not impatient!) feel. Tonight at 10 and tomorrow morning we’ll probably have quite a bit of political coverage spinning out of the debate.

Tulip Time starts today!
Jeriann and I have been busy getting some material ready for tomorrow. If the weather isn’t too crummy, she’s planning to be live out there for the newscast tomorrow, handing out red umbrellas to the first 13 people who show up with the correct answer to her trivia question:
What color is the Pella Tulip?
I have absolutely no idea.

Here’s a link for today’s Gen X Moms report. We’ve decided to do smaller reports every Thursday morning, in addition to my bigger special reports airing about once a month. Today’s was a study out of Britain showing that postpartum depression is much more common than once thought, affecting around 20% of mothers in the study. And – a tough childbirth experience ups your chances of depression – to 41%.
Postpartum Support International has an Iowa chapter.
The website has links to many good resources and information.

I’m glad to see women more and more willing to talk about this problem. While I never had full blown postpartum depression, I definitely had a few days of the “baby blues” after having Calvin, where I was out-of-control emotional and weepy, and completely paranoid about my baby’s safety.
I’ve read since then that sleep-deprivation and hormones make that pretty common in the first few weeks. Still, it’s reassuring to read about the phenomenon and know – it’s normal! It’s also reassuring to hear from moms like our Gen-X mom Shawn Peterson from Altoona, who’ve recovered after suffering from terrible postpartum depression. Her message – TALK to someone, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Speaking of moms here’s the salary calculator where you can personalize your paycheck for the work you do at home.
Salary.com’s new report says the average stay-at-home mom would earn $138,000 if she were paid for all her work at home. The average working mom would earn $86,000 for her at home work!
My personalized report confirmed what I guessed… I fall somewhere in between the working and at home moms because of my strange hours that give me more time at home with the kids… I’d make $101,000 JUST for the stuff I do at home. Nice! Where do I sign to collect the check?

Here’s Barb Dempsey’s info – give her a call at 277-1153 if you can help her pay postage for care packages she’s collected for U.S. troops in Iraq. She’s in Windsor Heights – checks can be made out to Marine Moms of Iowa.

Tried AGAIN yesterday – this time the pond was TEEMING with fish going crazy for Cal’s new bait – a pretzel. Still, without a hook, the little fisherman didn’t stand a chance of landing a catch.
Ian came along this time. I’ll share the photo I took of father and son waiting patiently for the big one, if I can get the photo to go through later today. Pretty cute. Ian promised Cal that sometime soon, he’ll let him fish with (yikes) a REAL hook.
Good luck with that, guys.

By the way – my little boy is officially a swimmer now. I’ve been taking him to a parent-child swim class once a week – and he really took off last night – face down, arms pumping, feet splashing – the real deal.
This summer should be a kick. I’ll never get him out of the water.

Happy Thursday everyone!



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