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Good Morning!
This is one of those mornings it’s great to be a part of this Today in Iowa Team. We had a great show thanks to the hard work of our Producer Lisa and some extra effort on Brooke’s part. We also had some great topics to discuss, The Today Show’s 60th Anniversary and and to top it all off, we had a little breaking news that Megan Reuther and our Phojournalist Trent handled with their usual hustle.
I hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did bringing it to you.

The News

Resident in six apartments woke up to someone banging on their door this morning warning of a fire. Thank goodness they did. The elderly woman in the apartment where the fire started got out with only minor injuries but what a terrible way to have the day start.

So an Iowa lawmaker wants to impose a random drug tests on anyone who gets State assistance in the form of subsidies or welfare. More than 200 people took the time to comment on our website and one thing is clear: There are a lot of people out there who support this. I can see why. A lot of you expressed that it seems unfair to be able to test workers who hold full time jobs and struggle to get by while people who take welfare are not subject to any kind of drug test.
It sure seems like it would be fair to test those people wouldn’t it? Well, as my Father-in-law is fond of saying, “life ‘ain’t fair”
In our system government you have a right to privacy. Some people would argue I am wrong here because privacy is not specifically enumerated in the Constitution. However, it’s hard to argue that a right to privacy does not live within the Fourth Amendment.
When you enter into an agreement with a private company, you are subject to their rules. That’s why businesses can test employees. When the state offers assistance, they can’t “search” someone without cause.
Think of it another way. If you go to the Library, if you use a park, Swim in one of Des Moines’ wading pools or if you drive on the interstate…you are taking public subsidy. You aren’t “paying” for it.  Should we ask anyone who uses the Library for a urine sample? Maybe the kids at story time can learn to pee in a least their parents can before they are allowed into the Library. The next time you take a road trip, a fleet of officers can pull you over, and force you to take a drug test. Is that reasonable?

Free societies often face difficult situations like this. It’s hard to be one of the people who funds the government with your tax dollars, and then have those tax dollars go to someone you perceive as not working very hard to better themselves. I’d argue that perception is false in a majority of the cases..I’d also argue this is the way our society has chosen to help people who’ve fallen on hard time. It is of benefit to all of us that anyone finding themselves in that situation had a hand-up to get themselves out of the situation.

Lastly, I think this is the wrong debate to have. I think the debate should be how to give people incentive to work, rather than being on public assistance. I’ve known a few people the last couple of years that would not take a job offered to them, because they would have made less money than they would have on public assistance. That’s backwards.
This is more complicated than a lot of us make it out to be. I’m sure I am missing some of the arguments for and against these tests. In the end I think it violates the Constitution…a standard like this would have to be applied across the board.
I appreciate everyone’s comments this morning and hope we can offer similar questions that spark good discussions like this in the future.

Today at 60
Boy it still looks good. Nice to see all of the old Today Show anchors back on the set. I am biased but I think Today is really an iconic piece of American TV. Happy Birthday Today!

My Phone’s Name
Our Web producer Tas told me about a way to find my cell phone’s Name. I’m sure you can find it on the Internet. She explained it to me, but I think I’d need a flow chart to explain to all of you. Anyway, my cell phone’s name is, Christopher Hanley.

Have a great day!


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