To the Basement,

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So we had our first tornado drill in the new house last night. Jeriann says go to the basement…we did it. This boys thought it was a new place to play…pretty cool. Both of them just flopped on to the floor about tejn minutes into the exercise and told us they were ready to go to bed. Thankfully the sirens stopped around seven.

-A couple of interesting articles I saw this morning are worth passing along.

The First was an account of four Journalists captured in Lybia. Their account and the treatment they suffered to get this story out is a reminder that THESE people are doing important Journalism…

-Another article I thought was interesting…This story about new recommendations for kids in car seats. The recommendations say keep your kids rear facing until they are two. This would have been impossible with our boys. by a year and a half, they were much too big to sit in a car seat without having their knees in their chest while they did it. That can’t be safe…it just can’t be. I understand the recommendations and the science behind them, but shouldn’t we be talking about height and weight requirements?

Short and sweet today…hope you all have a good day…more tomorrow…


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