The news at 10… A strange sight … Huh?

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Hello and Happy Monday, gang!

Did you enjoy the Olympics? There were so many great moments. My favorites (in no particular order) include figure skater Joannie Rochette’s passionate performances, Apolo Ohno winning an incredible eight medals and flashing that million watt smile, Shaun White’s Double McTwist 1260, Lindsey Vonn silencing critics by winning gold in the downhill, Evan Lysacek’s powerful skating and incredible class when under fire from Evgeni Plushenko and all of Russia, and Zach Parise’s game-tying goal against Canada with just 24 seconds left in the gold medal game. I know there are others I’m forgetting … likely because I was out of my mind by the end of last week because of our crazy late newscasts.

News at 10
And that brings me to the thing that those of us who work nights are thrilled about … the news at TEN! Not 10:30 or 11 or 11:30 … TEN!!! Tonight tune in for Sonya’s continuing investigation on the film tax credits. She’s been pouring through mountains of paperwork for weeks and as only Sonya can, she’ll be bringing you information you won’t see anywhere else. Tomorrow night I’m bringing you the story of an Iowa soldier on a special mission in a “13 Cares” report that showcases the generosity of all Iowans. And Wednesday you won’t want to miss Andy Fales asking “Why?” These stories always leave me laughing, and oftentimes shaking my head in disbelief. Of course Dan Winters will give you great tips in his “Money Savers” report on Thursday. Tune in at 10!

A strange sight
I saw the most bizarre thing today. My driveway. I’m talking about the pavement. Almost all of the ice is gone. Hallelujah! I also spied a little, teeny, tiny patch of grass and I think almost all of the crud is melted out of my wheel well. To top it all off … I heard birds singing like crazy when I was leaving the Y this morning. I’m afraid to get too excited – we all know what March (and even April) can bring in the weather department – but the past few days have seemed glorious after this nasty winter.

Back to Andy asking “Why?” Last week I was battling a bit of a cold. Why is it that only one nostril runs or gets totally plugged at one time? There is a lady who comes to my step class who complains that she can’t hear me. She wears earplugs. Huh?!?!? Why do you always have the best hair day the day you’re getting your hair cut? Why do I toss and turn when I first go to bed but I’m in a coma when my alarm goes off in the morning? Why is there always one odd sock when I’m folding laundry?

As always – lots of random stuff rolling around in my brain.
Have a wondeful week!


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