The Last (R) Debate

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Welcome to the Iowa Public Television-Des Moines Register Republican Presidential Debate here at IPTV in Johnston, Iowa.

Let’s begin. Not much on immigration and Iraq, moderator Carolyn Washburn tells the nine candidates. Iowans know enough about those positions, she says.
First question–national debt…crisis?

Giuliani–don’t rehire half of federal retirees. saves $20-22 billion
Hunter–trade loss is a threat.
Paul–we’ve lived beyond our means.
Thompson–we’re bankrupting our next generation
Romney–not time to say future is bleak. need good jobs for everyone. get off foreign oil.
Huckabee–serious threat. country has to be able to feed itself. needs to fuel itself. has to be able to fight for itself.
McCain–spending too much. have to achieve energy independence.
Keyes–cut off spigot that funds politics. get rid of income tax. use fair tax.


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