The Attack of the Gay Millionaires

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Chuck Hurley vs. the Dems. Hurley is the President of the Iowa Family Policy Center Action. He claims out-of-state gay millionaires and billionaires gave a bunch of money to key Iowa Democrats to influence them to not debate a proposed constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman. Democratic leaders have refused to debate the idea and say they will instead wait for the Iowa Supreme Court to sort this out. They got a little fired up talking about this. WHO-TV 13 Photojournalist Dave Olson (the pride of Carroll, Iowa) put together this back and forth from the two news conferences.

Some highlights from the Iowa Family Policy Center Action release:

Researchers identified well known homosexual activists from outside of Iowa, and tracked large contributions made by those activists to Iowa Democrats, either directly or to organizations which could filter that money to legislators. Those organizations include the Iowa Democratic Party and the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC). Additional amounts in excess of $250,000 from many of the same homosexual activists went to the DLCC which was chaired by Senator Gronstal and which funneled hundreds of thousands more to the Iowa Democratic Senate Majority Fund. Just based on this initial research, a connection between out-of-state money and lack of movement on the Iowa Marriage Amendment (IMA) is apparent.

“Iowa Legislators are elected to represent Iowans, and once elected are paid with our tax dollars. Seventy percent of Iowans support protecting the definition of marriage, and Democratic leaders are refusing to represent the majority on this issue. A logical explanation for this, in light of the campaign contributions, is that Iowa legislators are more influenced by out-of-state money than by the Iowans who pay their salary,” said Tamara Scott, State Director of Concerned Women for America of Iowa.

Senate President Mike Gronstal:

“With this latest publicity stunt, Mr. Hurley has violated a couple of the Ten Commandments and committed at least one of the Seven Deadly Sins. But why should this surprise Iowans? Mr. Hurley’s real motivation has always been hate-mongering and raising money from hard-working Iowans to cover his salary. It’s a shame that he’s more interested in spreading hate and lies than supporting policies that would actually improve the lives of all Iowa families.”


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