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10 Iowa legislators will try to do what 150 could not: agree on a smoking ban for the state. The ten will start work Thursday as members of a conference committee, charged with coming up with a compromise. The debate would seem not to be on a smoking ban, but rather what exemptions should the ban have. Senate Democratic Leader Mike Gronstal has already said the senate won’t go for exemptions for bars and restaurants. And since this conference committee is only to consider previous exemptions, that would seem to leave casinos as the center of argument. Gambling only on casino floors seems to be the best bet now.

One guy to watch in all of this is Cedar Rapids Democratic Representative Tyler Olson. He has been the face of the anti-smoking efforts on the house floor. But he has something else to think about. His wife was due to deliver the couple’s first child last Saturday in Cedar Rapids. And she still hasn’t. So needless to say, he’s looking for quick compromise…on the smoking ban, I mean.

Here are the ten legislators involved in the talks for now. Click on their names to email them what you want them to do on this.


Bill Dotzler (D) His mom owns a bar. Do you think he’ll keep fighting to keep an exemption for his mom’s place?
Joe Bolkcom (D)
Staci Appel (D) Lead the floor debate to pass the senate’s full smoking ban.
Mark Zieman (R)
Ron Wieck (R)


Tyler Olson (D) Wants complete ban. But make room for baby.
Janet Peterson (D) Wants complete ban.
Mike Reasoner (D)
Cecil Dolecheck (R) Argued on floor against the ban.
Chuck Soderburg (R)


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