TGIFS, Eye to Eye w/ Shawn, Mascot Sighting

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TGIFS. Thank goodness it’s football season! Some people argue that “week 0” in high school starts too early, but I say it’s never too early for the greatest sport on earth. My favorite duty as a sports reporter, here at channel 13, is standing on the sideline shooting football games on Friday night and Saturday afternoon.

It was sad to see Lou Piniella go out the way he did. I don’t blame him for leaving a few weeks early. The team quit long before Piniella.

I was on the field after the I-Cubs game, Sunday, looking to talk to Ryne Sandberg about the move. Ryno respectfully decline to comment about the happenings in Chicago. He told me that all of his energy is being focused on the triple-A pennant race. I have to believe that Sandberg was hoping to be called up to Chicago to coach the remainder of the season. Instead, the Cubs made 3rd base coach Mike Quade the acting manager. If I had to guess, I’d say the Cubs are going to go after Joe Girardi. If he doesn’t want to leave the Yanks, Ryno is the man.

Brett Favre came back, and that’s how he ended his first game. The 40-year-old took 4 snaps in the Vikings preseason game in San Francisco, and he’s still feeling that last play. When Favre got rocked, the newsroom exploded. I guess we didn’t have any Vikes fans in the house, today. I don’t want to see him get hurt, but I wouldn’t mind seeing him get lit up a few more times.

In many ways, Shawn and I are polar opposites —- but when it comes to the state fair, we see eye to eye. I’ve lived in Iowa my entire life and I’ve never willingly gone to the fair. I don’t have a problem with people who enjoy it, as long as they’re not putting human teeth into the cast your kernel jars (actually happened, last week).

After a two year hiatus, the worst mascot in sports has returned…

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