Tebow Wins Again, OSU Xbox, Sexy Hassel

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Tim Tebow did it again. He played poorly for most of the game, and then led the Broncos to a last minute come-from-behind. This will make some people far too giddy, and others far too angry. Me, I enjoy it. It’s fun. It doesn’t make sense, but there’s no doubt Tebow has something. How long that something lasts in the NFL, I don’t know. I’m rooting for the guy…

Tebow Tebowing

Don’t look for Demi Moore on the sideline of any more Iowa football games…

The Hawks have won three straight basketball games for the first first time in three years. How is that even possible? Never mind. I remember the Lickliter era…

I can’t wait to see Oklahoma State play in Ames Friday night. The Cowboys are one of the most exciting offensive football teams ever.  It’s xbox. I also think Paul Rhoads will try everything short of turning on the automatic sprinklers in the middle of an OSU passing play, and the whole game should be fun. Hard to see ISU being in the game for long, but all the pressure on the visitors…

Here’s the Stache for Cash encouraging email of the day:


What is up with the turd on your lip? Are you being serious, or are you going to tear it off. Is it fake or real? I noticed you darkened it a bit lately.

Keith, A group of us from Iowa State, think you look silly.

Just trying to help you out… Shave it man…



That one made me laugh. I think the funniest part of this email is that vanity would drive me to darken my mustache, but not my hair…

Chris Hassel attended the Cityview part Thursday to celebrate Des Moines’ sexiest people. Chris being one of the chosen sexy broke out his sexy black shirt and favorite jeans. He was captured in this picture. I hope it doesn’t melt your computer.

That is one sexy line-up.


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