Storms, Duffy and New York

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Good Morning…After being slapped around by faulty computers and a confused teleprompter during our 8:55 cut-in, I sit down to write you a quick hello.

The News:
I stayed up between about 9:50 and 10:30 last night waiting for the storms to blow through. My sister is staying with us for the week so a retreat to the basement would mean getting two sleepy kids and a sleepy sister and wife downstairs. thankfully we didn’t even see a power flicker. Other parts of the viewing area did. i saw two trees down on my way into work this morning. Thankfully Jeriann says we’re done with the severe weather for a little while.

It was just by chance that I saw a family member of Duffy Lyon tweet about her sudden death Sunday morning. The family didn’t make an announcement and I was surprised someone else didn’t pick up on it. It’s another reminder that important news does travel by Twitter these days.
I had the opportunity to interview Duffy toward the end of her run sculpting the butter at the State Fair. I remember a couple things…first…the smell. She told me at least a third of that butter was recycled from the year before…not good. But mostly I marveled at her ability to see what she was sculpting. I don’t have that gift and I really am envious of people who do. The Butter Cow and whatever else Duffy was sculpting were highlights for any of our out of town Fair visitors… We talked to some of the Fair Staff yesterday and as you would imagine they’re going to Honor Duffy in some special way, but they haven’t decided how yet.

I was glad to see it was the Republican Majority in the New York Senate that allowed the vote on Same Sex Marriage to go through. The Lawmakers who voted for the bill said Marriage can still be defined in any way any particular religion says it should be. No one is asking churches to recognize these marriages…they are, however not going to give out certain rights to one segment of the population that isn’t available to the rest of the population. It’s as I’ve been saying, you can’t issue a fishing license to someone and deny it to someone else because of what you believe.
The Government’s part in marriage is issuing a license. It recognizes the legal contract…not the spiritual commitment Churches recognize. There is no threat to that union.

One of our bloggers disagrees. If you missed the comment here it is:

Why do you think there was the standard that marriage is between one
man and one woman? Do you believe that the only reason this was in place was to be mean and discriminate against a very small segment of the total population (GLBT)? No, it was in place because that is the way it was intended to be. It seems this generation is all about ME. What I want. What I need. If our creator
intended for men to be with men or women be with women then there would be only one sex.
By changing the marriage standard who is to say in the future
bisexuals will want to marry a male and a female simultaneously? You get the picture. Before you tell me this won’t happen who in there right mind 20 years ago thought that SSM would be legal in some states? People who are against SSM simply believe that you were put on this earth for a higher purpose. That higher purpose isn’t just self happiness and satisfaction.

The key to that comment is the word believe. That person has the right to believe what he believes. That, however, can not infringe on another person’s right to believe what they believe.
Polygamy has been outlawed. There is no argument to be made that you are being denied a right because you can’t marry as many people as you want. There is an argument to be made that you are denied rights given to others by not being allowed to marry within your sexual orientation.
To our blogger’s point about being “mean” to people, I wonder, sometimes, what Jesus would say about the way some people have treated Gay men and women? This debate has gotten nasty at times…
It seems to be people are quick to quote an obscure passage of a book in the Bible, most of which, they’re not willing to follow in their own lives. I still remember a few of the things the Nuns taught me in Catholic School and I seem to remember Jesus was all about accepting some of the most outcast segments of society during his life.
I remember a parable that ends with … Whatsoever you do to the least of my people, that you do unto me I think there was also a part where Jesus talked about… doing unto others as you do would have done unto you? That was a pretty important part I think?
Anyway, I don’t begrudge anyone their beliefs….I just have a different interpretation of some of these teachings. And I think none of us are in a position to be a judge in this case. That’s way above our pay grade.
Just my thoughts as I wantch all of this unfold…
Have a good one


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