Stop searching, Overnight Fire and Mexico to Marshaltown

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Good morning.

A lot of International News this morning but not much going on here in Central Iowa. I guess we should consider that a good thing. It’s been busy and it’s nice to have a lull.

Searches and Threats
The Al-Qaida linked group that’s allegedly holding three American soldiers hostage is threatening more harm to the three is the US Military doesn’t stop looking for them. I’m not sure these guys understand the process…you take a US soldier…someone’s coming looking for them. In this case that’s 11-thousand people.

Afghanistan Overnight
Depending on who you were reading online this morning anywhere from 11 to 60 militants died in air strikes in Afghanistan. The other piece of this no one seemed to have a handle on is exactly who carried out the air strikes. NATO denied it. The bottom line, Afghanistan remains an active place militarily.

Ft Dodge Overnight
A fire destroyed a house but on this morning of mysteries here’s another: No one was in the house when it burned down but the Fire Chief seems to believe there was in fact a family living there. No one knows where they are. Firefighters are sure no one was home. Our thanks to Roger Riley for going out and getting this one.

Overnight we saw some rain and, outside my window, a lot of lightning. The rain we needed, the thunder I could have done without. It will cool things off considerably as well which is nice. We can shut off the AC upstairs. It’s great little window unit that keeps our dormer cool. The only problem is, the motor is loud…I mean really loud. The combination of the vibration that thing makes along with an old wooden window frame makes is sound like someone is jackhammering outside the window.

Free Wine and Food!
Come one come all!
Mark your Calender for Thursday night after work.
There is no charge to attend.
As Part of the Campaign for Leukemia Lymphoma, they’ve invited everyone to come to MC Ginsberg Jewelers for cocktails. Here’s the info:

The candidate that has the most guests attend will
receive a $500 credit towards their campaign.
M.C. Ginsberg Jewelry & Watches
Governor Square
1751 28th St., Suite 300
West Des Moines
Thursday, May 17 2007
Hosted by
M.C. Ginsberg Jewelry & Watches
Wine, Beverages & hor d’oevres will be served
Business attire
So Please come out and support the cause…you don’t have to buy anything and no one’s going to pressure you into buying anything. We’re not even selling timeshares in Vegas! Just come out, have a drink and sign the guestbook for me! It’s a good time.
If you can’t come out, you can still donate online!
Thanks for your support and I look forward to seeing you Thursday.


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