Still Flooding, Scotch, and Moving

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Good Morning!
I’m going to make this quick but we’ve got a lot of news to get to.

So the Today show came to Colfax this morning. The IA flooding was their lead story. Inevitably we will get emails from friends and family around the country today asking if we’re OK. Of course we are but it just makes me chuckle a little bit. The rest of the country is just picking up on the fact that it’s a little wet here in the Midwest.
In Ames the City says people aren’t doing enough to conserve water. The problem is, you can still use the water in some places to do things like take showers or flush the toilet. So I have a question for our bloggers. Could you do it? Do you think it would be hard not to cheat a little? Would you be able to conserve? What would your definition of conservation be?

If the flooding wasn’t enough, the heat and humidity added on it just brutal. This would be my least favorite kind of weather. I would rather it be 30 below and ten inches of snow.

Congrats to the team from the Grandview little league. Watched a little bit of the semi-final game they played and lost yesterday. They can be really proud of how far they went in the tournament.

Did you hear about the case of scotch from the turn of the (last) Century that they found in New Zealand? Great story, but why don’t they let someone enjoy the Scotch?

Whistling Straights (site of the PGA Championship this year) is one of the places I want to golf before I die. My Dad was there for round one and texted me to tell me how amazing it was. That my father used his cell phone to send a text message should help you infer the impression this golf course made. Zach is still in the hunt at -1 as is Tiger and Phil. I will try to watch but it’s going to be difficult with our schedule this weekend.

Things I learned Today
Someone wrote , “Low and behold” in one of our scripts and I’m pretty sure it was , “Lo and behold.” Sure enough it is. Apparently it’s a Biblical reference to Genesis.

The word ‘lo’ as used in this phrase is a shortening of ‘look’. So, lo and behold! has the meaning of look! – behold!. Lo in this and its other meaning, which is more akin to O!, has been in use since the first Millennium and appears in the epic poem Beowulf.
Something not very far removed from lo and behold appears in the Bible, Genesis 15:3 (King James Version):
“And Abram said, Behold, to me thou hast given no seed: and, lo, one born in my house is mine heir.”
The complete phrase is first recorded in an 1808 letter in the Correspondence 1787–1870, of Queen Victoria’s lady of the bedchamber – Lady Sarah Spencer Lyttelton:
“Hartington… had just told us how hard he had worked all the morning… when, lo and behold! M. Deshayes himself appeared.”

I’m listening to a book on Columbus’ Fourth voyage to the New World and it’s really good. I learned this morning on my way to work that sailors on 14th century vessels would go to the bathroom off an area on the front of the ship called the beakhead. That was shortened to “head”
You learn something new every day.

We’ve begun the process of moving by taking a lot of stuff over to our new house but it becomes official tomorrow. We’re picking up and moving out of the first stand alone house we owned. It’s been a great place to live and has a lot of happy memories for us, not the least of which is bringing our kids home from the hospital. There’s some nostalgia there for me but not a lot. I am excited to make new memories in a new place. Home is where my family is.

I will try to take a few pictures of the house empty and then of all of us moving…
We’ll see you Monday.


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