Spring Storms, Comedian-in -Chief, and Happy Bridgeuation

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Good Morning,

We’ve got a lot of little pieces to the news this morning. I can’t say there’s been a BIG story all week, but it just seems like there are a lot of little stories that people would be interested in.

Congressional Hearings
The former Chief of Staff for Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez testified in front of the Senate Judiciary committee today. This should shed more light on the firings of eight federal prosecutors. We’ve got an interest in this one because Sen Charles Grassley is one of the ranking Republicans that will question witnesses. Say what you want about Grassley and his politics, he’s proven to be a watchdog in congress and even when he has to be critical of his own party…he tells it like it is.

I’ll mention to Jeriann that I’d like her to blog for you all, but I thought her explanation of the weather system causing these big spring storms was interesting. I think it’s cool that she gets fired up about weather. I’ve said it before, working with people who have a passion for their job makes getting up this early a lot easier.

Prior Engagement
Mark Prior that is…He’ll have a date with Iowa Cub fans for the first few starts of the season. Prior probably isn’t happy about coming to Des Moines for the first part of the season but I don’t expect he’ll be here long.

New Hampshire Throws Down
Really? Are we going to start with this already? You’re the First Primary…we’re the first Caucus…that’s the way this works…What does New Hampshire think…if they move this thing up, they can be the really really really early Primary? You’re already first! Don’t start this! No one is going to like where this will end.

Tuskegee Airmen
The First African American Airmen in the US Military will be honored today with the Congressional Gold Medal. It’s long overdue. If you’ve read anything about the Tuskegee airmen you’ll find out what an amazing story this is. You can also find out how many Iowans were part of this first group of pioneers. If you’ve ever been by the Airport you’ve probably seen the fighter outside the Air Guard Base. Also Fort Des Moines has a memorial you really should go see. Here’s the statistic that always blows me away about the Tuskegee group: They were a fighter escort group in North Africa and Italy. They never lost a Bomber to Enemy fire in all of their missions into enemy territory. If you know anything about WW2…that’s pretty amazing.

Comic in Chief
The President got up in front of the Correspondents dinner last night and he KILLED! I think he got a new group of writers this year because he really was funny. The president laid out gems like:

Noting that Vice President Dick Cheney was not in attendance, Bush said: ”He’s had a rough few weeks. To be honest, his feelings were kind of hurt. He said he was going on vacation to Afghanistan where people like him.”
Cheney’s recent trip to Afghanistan was marked by a bombing near where he was meeting with officials.

On the controversy over the Justice Department’s firing of eight federal prosecutors, Bush said: ”I have to admit we really blew the way we let those attorneys go. You know you’ve botched it when people sympathize with lawyers.”
Acknowledging House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., at the head table, Bush said some had wondered how he’d get along with her. ”Some say she’s bossy, she’s opinionated, she’s not to be crossed,” he said. ”Hey, I get along with my mother.”
Looking ahead to life after leaving the White House, Bush said he might follow President Clinton’s lead and produce a memoir.
”I’m thinking of something really fun and creative for mine,” he said. ”You know, maybe a pop-up book.”
Possible titles: ”How W. Got His Groove Back,” ”Who Moved My Presidency?” and ”Tuesday with Cheney.”

Here’s a sample of a Carl Rove Rap…no kidding.

Funny Stuff.

Finally, I wanted to let you know Sally and I graduated from Bridge class last night. It was Bridgeuation. We had a nice time with this class, learned a lot of best of all met some really fun people we probably never would have run into otherwise. It doesn’t bode well for our future as a bridge partnership that it took us about six weeks of the eight week class to figure out this was just the first class in a series of four, and that our book was only about bidding bridge hands, and not the entire game. We’re going to try to keep playing and pick the finer points of the game up. We’re planning a trip to see Sally Grandma Penny in June and if we don’t practice she’s going to hand us our lunch when we play.

Have a great day,


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