Soldier Death, Pleasant Hill PD and Countdown to Corydon

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Good morning,

If Trish looked as if she was having a bad day, I think she’d say she was. The minutes before we go on the air are often a flurry of make-up bags and hairspray cans as Jeriann and Trish come in. With a few minutes left on the show and a little touch up work on her make-up still to do, Trish spilled brown eye make-up on her white shirt. Sometimes the days just starts out that way.

We’ll get to more on that and some other fun stuff in a minutes but first a quick look at the headlines.

Iowa Soldier Killed
Another Iowa soldier died in Iraq over the weekend. David Behrle of Tipton died in a roadside bombing. He is the 56th Iowan to die in the war and the second Tipton native to die.

War Funding
The stalemate over war funding is over and it looks like the President will get his way as Democrats are backing down. They’ll draft a funding resolution that will keep the troops funded until September and then take on the President’s handling of the war again…maybe in the fall.

Bentler Verdict
Usually when we’re waiting for a verdict in a big trial we get a half hour or so to get down to the courthouse before the judge either announces a verdict or until the jury reads it’s verdict. In the case of Shawn Bentler, we get a couple of days notice. The judge (who’s deciding this trial from the bench because Bentler waived his right to a jury) says he’ll issue his verdict Thursday. I assume we’ll be there.

Pleasant Hill PD
The Police Chief in Pleasant Hill is resigning despite being cleared of any wrongdoing in a ticket writing dust-up. A consultant’s report clears William Hansen, but the Chief decided to step down anyway. The City council takes it up tonight.

Obama One-on-One
Michelle Obama that is. Dave price talked to Mrs Obama yesterday and has more about her husband’s campaign, the threats that prompted Secret Service Protection and Her “outing” her husband as a smoker. That story comes up tonight at ten.

Countdown to Corydon
The show tomorrow will be packed with some of the highlights of our trip down to Corydon and Brad Hook’s farm last week. As per usual I will play the role of punching bag on this one…but I can’t say as I care. We had a lot of fun. Brad is going to join us on the show tomorrow so we can talk a little more about our experiences…
Trisha and Roger Riley have worked extremely hard on this over the past few days so…kudos to them. Roger and our webmaster Kelly put up a few clips already on the “Raw” page.

Bogger’s Generosity
I wanted to make mention of the response we’ve had to the Leukemia Lymphoma Society Fundraiser I’m doing. I got an update this morning on the online portion of the fundraising. Some of the names are familiar to me but many are not and that means some of you have been responding to this blog and the constant request for donations over the last four or five weeks. THANK YOU! Your generosity is overwhelming!
I’d encourage those of you who haven’t donated to please do so online before June 15th. We are doing really well, but we need your support to meet my personal goal of raising $25,000 by the end of the campaign. Here’s the link to donate online.
We will also be holding some events over the next few weeks. This Saturday, I’ll be out at Legacy golf Club in Norwalk to do a hole in one contest.
Kia of Des Moines has generously donated a Kia Sportage to anyone who can get a hole in one. We’ll be on the fifth hole at Legacy and I think I’m going to be there from about seven in the morning until three in the afternoon. I’d say this is weather permitting but Jeriann seems to be telling us Saturday will be on and off rain. So, come on out to Legacy(here’s a link to a map if you are unfamiliar with the club) rain or shine.
If you were going to play golf anyway this weekend, play at Legacy! A $10 donation gets to the chance to win the car. If you hit the green we’ve got a sleeve of Calloway golf balls for you. The sleeve retails for about the same price as the donation we’re asking for so you’re really getting a deal.
If it’s raining come find me in the clubhouse.
We’ve got even more on the calender in June. Stay tuned for an I-Cubs event and an event we’re working on with Tonic out in West Glen.

Hope you all have a good day.


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