Screaming Match, Wide Open Races, and Tired Tuesday

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Good Morning
We’re all a little tired this morning. I either didn’t turn on, or just ignored my alarm clocks this morning and was a little late getting up.
Thanks to my son JT for waking me up…”Daddy, there’s a shadow…” Me:”It’s OK buddy, time to go back to sleep.” JT:”OK”. Sally took the call about an hour before that one…not sure what his issue was the first time.

Abortion Debate
The debate over late term abortion was framed originally as a way to keep a late term abortion clinic out of Council Bluffs. The Democrats proposal limiting where a business like this could set up reveals it’s not about the clinic. The law proposed would do that…so what’s the problem?
The problem is, this debate isn’t about the clinic at all…
I don’t begrudge people who disagree with abortion their opinion on this subject. For all you know I may not even disagree, I simply think other people have the right to believe what they believe. I think hospitals and Doctors can handle this with their patients.
On a side note…if you want to put on a side show, maybe the Iowa Senate isn’t the place to do it. it disrespects all of the people who’ve come before you and all of the people you represent. Have a civil discussion.

Wide Open Races
Trump is out and so is the Huck. So the race is wide open. I still think there are at least two people who will get in to the race…one of em raised ten million bucks the other day. I’d say he’s serious about running.

I can’t say I have any reaction to the news Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered a child with one of his staff members while he was married to Maria Schriver. This is between the two of them.

A new restaurant is opening in the Western Gateway. It’s called Americana. It’s supposed to be all about the Supper Club culture of the 40’s. Sounds like a unique concept.
We’re going to try it out Sunday night before it opens to the public Monday. You can get in on this too.
The restaurant is doing a limited seating Sunday. The food is all half price and the proceeds go to Susan G Komen For the Cure Iowa. Call (515)283-1312 for reservations.

So I guess I didn’t post this Tuesday afternoon…
Here’s a two for one…


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