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First stop of the RVTV Road Trip, and Winterset put pressure on the other towns. These nice folks did it up right.

The RVTV Cy-Hawk street party brought out far more people than we expected on Labor Day. They sold nearly 400 sandwiches before running out before the 6 p.m. news even started.

Winterset also borrowed our state fair Cast Your Kernel idea to raise money for the Quarterback Club. One quarter, one vote. The Hawkeyes won. I don’t think that’s the last time we’ll hear that this week.

As usual, I had someone somewhat angrily confront me immediately about my obvious bias. This time it was “Hawkeye”. It’s running about even this year, but that will change based on who wins.

After the live report at 5, a big storm came through and nearly blew us all away. We thought we might have our first cancelled live shot in 10 years of RVTV (can’t put the satellite dish up when there’s lightning), but at 6:10, the rain moved out, the sunshine back in, and Winterset smiled. Surprisingly, about a hundred fans stayed during the storm. They didn’t stay dry.

First day can be tough because it’s the first set-up, but thanks to Bob & Jo’s RV, we know the RV from last year. Only problem, the model is called “Cyclone”. Yes, nearly every Hawkeye fan notices.

Talk of the town here was definitely Chris and Andy’s Stivers Ford jingle. Apparently more than a few people nearly lost it laughing. My favorite comment was from a sweet elderly lady who said, “I love SoundOff. Always have to watch it. I thought the Stivers thing was really funny… racy, but funny.”

As I type this, there’s a teenage girl outside the RV who is so excited that, “Ed Wilson is here! I can see him!” It’s me. I’m playing the part of Ed Wilson.

Off to  Centerville in the morning. That town has a tough act to follow. I can’t say enough about Winterset. Nice people, and a beautiful town.