Runaway, Holiday Music, and Just Plain Weird

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Good Morning!
Hope you all are having a good start to your day…

The News:
The back story behind the disappearance of a 13 year old and her subsequent return home is even more bizarre then we thought. SO this girl stayed with a friend for at least a day. that friend says she hid the girl from her Mom. Circumstantial evidence starts to punch holes in that story, including an account of another runaway being found at the home a month earlier. I would want a neighbor to let me know my son was with them and safe. I can’t imagine what must have been going through the 13 year-old’s Parent’s heads as the days passed.
The whole thing is just sad.

The More Things Change…
So we had all this change in Washington…and the Leadership is exactly the same. No change. Looks like it will take at least one more election before people start to get the point.

Pat Down
So I’m glad I’m not traveling for the holidays this year. Set off the medal detector at Des Moines’ Airport and you’re going to want to buy the TSA guy Dinner. At least I like to buy dinner for someone who’s going to get that intimate with me. There are now members of Congress who are complaining about the procedures… Really?
This is the price you pay when the guy hides the bomb in his boxer/briefs.

Just plain Weird
Some guy shot his TV when Bristol Palin was on Dancing with the Stars. No joke…
And while we’re on the Palin subject. Bristol’s sister Willow posted slurs on her Facebook page when she got into it with a guy who didn’t like the family’s reality TV show. Now I get it that kids are kids and I can’t imagine what mine are going to parrot when they get older…
That said, I would release a statement saying…that’s not how I raised my kids and that the language is unacceptable. Unless of course it IS acceptable with her MOM.
I guess we’re left to our own conclusions.

Holiday Music
So we asked the question this morning…when is it OK to play holiday music? Lite 104 is going to start playing it all the time tomorrow. So I asked and people seem to have a firm conviction on this one. We’ll have the debate about “taking the Christ out of Christmas” later. If you did/didn’t post on the Facebook page feel free…or sound-off here!
For me, the only answer for Holiday Music is this. It starts the Day AFTER Thanksgiving. Before that and it’s like nails on a chalkboard to me. But that’s just me. That doesn’t mean I think YOU shouldn’t be able to play Holiday music whenever you like.

Have a good one.


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