Round Deux

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Did the rain wake you up AGAIN last night? It got me up. Jeriann says we got a few inches in the Des Moines area. But the folks in southern Iowa are really getting hammered. Again. We interviewed the Mahaska County Sheriff this morning on Today in Iowa and he said he’s never seen flooding like this in his 30 plus years in law enforcement. In addition to Highway 92 flooding, a family living near a creek outside of Oskaloosa had to be rescued when water started rising too quickly against their house. To make matters worst, a fire broke out in nearby Wright, but firefighters had a hard time accessing the home because of flooding. I think we need a break. Doesn’t sound like we are going to get it yet. Jeriann says more rain is expected tonight. Oh, yeah, and more heat today.

In the news..

*Airline attendant goes postal! Even though this story is a little disturbing, it also resonates with a lot of people. At least according to some of my friends on Facebook who were giving this story a “thumbs up.” A Jet Blue attendant was arrested at his home yesterday after he had a meltdown on a flight that was supposed to take off from Pennsylvania. The guy was reminding a passenger about a luggage rule when they got into an argument. The attendant got so mad he got on the PA system and cursed at the passenger, grabbed a beer and activated the emergency slide on the plane and got off. It sounds like a scene from a movie, but I think anyone who has spent time on an airplane can kind of empathize with the attendant. You can see the worst in humanity on an airplane. And when you deal with this day in and day out, you’re probably going to have a bad day. And apparently this Jet Blue employee’s day is about to get worst. He’ll probably spend a lot of money on legal fees and maybe even do some jail time. Still, it was a little funny. Is that wrong of me to say?

*Culver v. Branstad . A new Rasmussen Poll out shows Brandstad with 52 percent of likely voters supporting him in the November election for governor. Current Governor Chet Culver gets 36 percent.

Hope you survive the day. See you tomorrow. Pat is back and I am sure he’ll have lots of fun stories from his fishing trip in Missouri.



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