Ron Paul and Momnesia

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I didn’t know there was an actual term for this, but I always sensed that I have it. Yesterday the Today Show aired a segment about “momnesia” — a condition that effects mothers of young children. Basically, you struggle with remembering important information or just “go blank” from time to time. (Although I think I probably had this before children in which case I don’t what it would be called) This morning my momnesia really kicked in and I apologize to those of you who heard me stumble through parts of the morning show. Momnesia effects women who don’t get enough sleep and have too much going on in their lives. To be fair, I would say that my husband has “dadnesia” although he would probably be mad that I suggested it. Ok.. I know.. cry me a river.

Moving right along…

Ron Paul
I knew we would probably get some reaction from loyal Ron Paul supporters this morning — and there are a lot of you out there. The story we ran this morning was about his campaign possibly coming to an end. On his website last night, Ron Paul spoke to his supporters and said the race for the white house is winding down. He also said that he was going to start planning for the next phase. He never uses the word quit, but he suggests that he will no longer have an active campaign for president… at least not during this election.

Here’s my response to a viewer/blogger about our coverage this morning. I’m posting it here in case there are others who think we are intentionally running negative stories about Ron Paul.

Our story about Ron Paul is fair and it is NOT negative. It is also accurate. When we see something on our associated press wire we also cross check it with other sources like the NY Times, MSNBC and other reliable websites.Listen, this story is what it is. This news is coming from the horse’s mouth. Ron Paul on his website said, “The presidential campaign will soon wind down.”And this morning we reported not that he was dropping out, but that he MAY drop out based on what he said in his video. Every major paper is reporting this. I realize you are a faithful supporter, but please know that we are not reporting this because of some personal feeling about Ron Paul.

The Bulldogs take on Indiana State at the Missouri Valley Conference Tournament today at noon. Last night Keno Davis won Conference Coach of the Year. No surprise there. Go Bulldogs!

If you have young children and you are just dying to get out of the house this weekend, this is the perfect event. There are all kinds of kids rides and games. And, WHO has a mini news booth where we let the kids be anchors for a few minutes and read off the teleprompter. For a buck you get a tape of it. Pat, Jeriann and I will be there on Sunday from 10 to 12. We would love to meet you if you’re out there.

I had a great time at Central College yesterday. I was invited to be a part of a panel of Central graduates who now work in the communication field. Students and professors got to ask us questions and hear us talk about life after college. It’s always fun listening to eager students talk about their dreams and aspirations and I am always so inspired to see students who are so well-spoken and driven to get their careers started.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Pat’s back on Monday. I personally hope to get outside for a while and shake the winter blues for at least a few hours.



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