Romney Wins, Katie Unplugged and Desk Distractions

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Good Morning,
Heather’s back! When we talked for the last few days about the return of our on-air crew, we failed to talked about another big return today. Our Producer Heather Lewis is back from maternity leave this morning and it was good to have her influence on the show again. We’ve had a stellar crew that filled in for her and they all worked their butts off to help during Heather’s absence. Still, I think Heather brings a different perspective and a lot of morning experience to our show. Plus she’s got a lot of funny one liners she’s built up during her maternity leave. Glad to have you here Heather.

To The News:
Republican Jumble
If you were looking for an interesting race for each party’s nomination…you’ve got it. A Mitt Romney win in Michigan means three winners in the three big races for Republicans. The Democrats race is going to be just as interesting…fasten your seat belts.
I’ll pause here to tell you something I’ve been thinking about for a few days.
We’re getting emails every once in a while from people who are “warning” us about Sen Obama and Gov Romney. The “warnings” come in the form of letters about each man’s religious beliefs. The smear campaign is amazing. These letters basically paint each as the James Bond villain with a cat on his lap, bent on the destruction of the United States. I’m often amazed at the lengths to which people will go to destroy someone who’s different, or who holds different beliefs. I left with a question…why are we so scared of anything that’s different?

Condition of the State
I remember thinking this about Gov Vilsack early in his career, but the Gov Culver’s speaking skills reading off of prepared remarks just isn’t his strength.
I’ve listened to him give ad lib remarks before and it’s like he’s a different person. I know that’s not how you give a Condition of the State speech, but get the guy a teleprompter at least! The Comparison with Gov Vilsack is instructional on that point though. Vilsack delivered very good speeches by the end of his term as Governor.

Katie Unplugged
There’s a video going around the Internet of Katie Couric in the breaks between her Election night coverage from New Hampshire. It’s not juicy at all. It’s boring. She’s just as you’d expect. The critics say this is proof she’s not a serious journalist…It looked to me like she was just trying to keep it light.
On that subject, I’m reading a book called “Reality Show” about the transition from the old “Big 3” anchors to the new teams on each network. It’s a really interesting look at how each builds it’s newscast and why each network chose to go the way it did.

I watched the Katie video as well because I wanted to see what all the hype was about. I agree with Pat, it’s just her trying to lighten things up during commercial breaks. There were times when she is asking the correspondents and her producers to confirm that her information was correct. She also jokes about John McCain’s wife’s eyes which could be interpreted as a little mean spirited. However, I think Katie gets a lot of criticism that isn’t always fair. I am excited to read the book about the three network anchors. Pat usually gives me an update on what he’s read so I feel like I have already read the Cliff Notes.

Desk Distractions
Since they installed computers on the Anchor desk the wait between stories and commercial breaks is certainly more entertaining. It’s easier for us to access information as it’s coming in, and there is a lot of new information that comes out while we’re on the air. It can also be a distraction for sure. I’m sure Brooke and our producer Heather would tell you I can be hard to reach sometimes sitting there reading over something.
This morning’s distraction was unusual. The Today Show web site has excerpts from the new “Unauthorized Biography of Tom Cruise” The particular section of the book they put online was all about Scientology. It was like not being able to turn away from a car wreck. Ask any of the people I work with. I’m usually not into the infotainment gossipy news scene and will argue for keeping it out of our newscast but I just couldn’t stop reading this stuff.

Winter weather is on the way so we’ll be up early with you tomorrow talking school closings and delays. Just make sure you stay safe and warm up the snow blower! We’ll see you back here tomorrow.



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