River Rescues, Relief from the Heat? and The Weekend Report

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Good Morning…

We had a pretty interesting weekend. I’ll lay out the details later including a movie review, a new restaurant review, and a new grocery store review. I’ll also be asking the question…why do they make sprinklers green?

But first to the news…

River Rescue

I’m compelled to ask…How many people are going to have to be rescued or worse, drown in the Des Moines river at Scott street before people get the idea…it’s dangerous. The weekend news had two stories of Scott street’s danger. First, Police recovered the body of the man that jumped off the bridge July 4th. I say that and hear the correction Trisha is telling me in my head. The autopsy is expected to confirm his identity. Police caught up with the guy who jumped off the river with this guy on the 4th. He told police the man was an undocumented worker.
The second story turned out better for two teens who were caught under the Scott street bridge in the current. The two are very lucky their boat didn’t capsize when it went over the dam. Firefighters had to pull them out.

Thompson in Studio

Former Wisconsin Governor/Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson was in studio this morning.

He’s been one of the more accessible Presidential Candidates and he is hitting on a few of the subjects I’d like to hear more about. One of them is obesity in America and how much it’s costing the rest of us. We hear so much complaining about the high cost of health care in America…well lay off the ho-hos and Marlboro Reds folks. I agree you can’t legislate someone taking care of themselves. If you’d like to kill yourself and spend a lot of time at the doctor as you get older…have at it. I just don’t think your choices should cost me on my health care.

Thanks for the question about the war. I thought Thompson’s answer was interesting. Go to Iowavotes2008.com for more on all of the candidates and visits this week.

He said he’d like to have the Iraqi citizens vote on whether US troops should stay or leave. He used the phrase “winning the peace,” saying sticking with the current strategy would yield the same results we’re getting now, which is in his words, “crazy.” TS

Project Destiny
I had a message on my voicemail this morning from a guy who I’m going to have to call back and set straight. He called to tell me he was really upset the mayor of Des Moines wasn’t going to have to pay taxes anymore if the Project Destiny one cent sales tax passed. Come on. When you hear something like that doesn’t a red flag go up. This is thing got out of hand and the misinformation flying back and forth is amazing.
We’re going to try and sort it out tonight at ten. I hope you see the story as a way to lay out both sides…not an effort to sway anyone. There are things we will not get to in tonight’s story…this is a 32 page plan…we can’t give you every detail. I hope the reasoning for the effort, the criticism of the plan as it stands and an accurate portrayal of the use of the money comes out.

I had a really interesting weekend…as posted above. It started with an above average and very entertaining movie Friday night.
Sally and I saw Oceans 13. It’s the same movie…different plot. I give these guys points for coming up with the same format but a completely different story three times. I give it a solid B

On Saturday we went out to dinner at a new restaurant I mentioned here before. It’s called Dubay’s and it was simply the best meal I’ve had around here in a long time. If you missed the old post, this is the restaurant that replaced the old Varsity Cafe on 25th there across from Drake. The atmosphere was great, the food was better. It’s on the higher side of normal for price but it’s worth it. Try this one out!

Sunday morning we finally tried the new Gateway Market. Breakfast was good. It struck me as pricey at first then I saw how much food you get. I had the Heuvos Rancheros and thought it was a little spicy for a 90 degree day. Should have had the fried egg sandwich. Sally and her Mom had a Croissant and said it was one of the best they’ve had in a long time.

We went over to the market after we ate and this was the real highlight for me. I mean no offense here because I think both add to the food landscape here in the Metro, but unlike the market at Jordan Creek, Gateway actually had some things I would consider buying. In fact, we did. There’s a kind of beer you can’t usually get outside of Michigan that I really like. Gateway is carrying it. The store had a lot of Iowa products which I did not see out at Jordan Creek. The selection was smaller, but I think it was more user friendly if that makes sense.

I wrapped up the weekend with the question in my head…why do they make sprinklers green? I ask this because I did not see my well camouflaged sprinkler when I ran over it mowing the lawn. The sprinkler ended up in about 40 pieces and I’m sure my lawnmower needs some sort of therapy….guess I need a new sprinkler.
Good thing Jeriann is including rain in the forecast…
Have a good one,
I’m glad the rain is coming! I’m getting tired of watering the flowers!
I also am anxious to get outside and get some exercise. I just can’t bring myself to do it when the temp and humidity gets so high. The kids spent lots of time in the baby pool and sprinkler this weekend.
Cal is crazy though – loves to wear long pants and long sleeves, even when it’s hotter than you-know-where!
Gotta run – have a great Monday!


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