Right to Work, It’s in the Genes, and Chief

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Good Morning.

I hope you are all looking forward to the weekend. I am. I knew I was ready for the weekend when we were opening the show and the first script of the morning said it was Friday NOVEMBER 5th. Time to go home and get some sleep.

In the news:

Right to Work
It’s almost hard to believe Labor interests in this state have brought up this issue again. This will be the third session in a row Labor leaders have tried to make sure Unions either get more money from Iowa workers or get more Union members.
Unions are great. I wholeheartedly agree with the premise of having a Union, and I think oftentimes Unions protect hard working people who choose to join them. I also think you shouldn’t have to join if you don’t want to or don’t believe the collective bargaining is beneficial to you.
Under the bills floating around the statehouse, unions argue state workers should have to pay some sort of fee for the benefits they receive as a result of the Union’s collective bargaining. Under this same logic, one of my colleagues could argue that I should pay their agent a fee for helping me get a higher salary or more vacation. The idea is that if that person’s agent bargained for more, it benefits me in the long run because it pushes up pay and sustains or expands benefits.
I don’t believe I should have to pay for someone else’s choices. I also shouldn’t benefit but that’s not the way the marketplace works.
Workers in the state of Iowa should be able to join a Union by choice. If fewer people choose to join the Union…maybe the marketplace is telling us something? Maybe workplace culture and compensation have evolved. There will always be an industry that needs the help of collective bargaining but until a groundswell of workers choose it, the workforce shouldn’t have to labor under collective bargaining.

It’s in the Genes
I guess there’s new research to suggest the benefits of exercise are predetermined.
The study says it’s about your lung capacity. SO maybe that’s why five days at the gym this week haven’t done a lot for me. The real reason I’m going is that I have a physical next week and wanted to put one last push in before I go see the Doc. It’s like flossing furiously the night before your six month check-up at the dentist.

Sally’s Dad will be on his way to Des Moines tomorrow morning. He hasn’t seen the boys since Christmas and it will be interesting to see his perspective on the developmental changes the boys have undergone since the holidays. It’s like someone turns on a switch. One day they don’t get it…they can’t stand or won’t pull themselves up on a table…the next, it seems like that’s all they want to do. We’re looking forward to having him here.

-Just as an aside, I’m in the middle of two good books. I’ve already talked about One Minute to Midnight here a few days ago. For those of you who don’t know it’s a really detailed account of the Cuban Missile Crisis. The other book showed up in my mailbox at work. It’s called Between a Church and Hard Place. the book is about a Dad who finds himself faced with questions about faith from his young children. He grew up in a home without a specific religious belief but comes form a family with a rich religious tradition. So he takes up the task of looking closely at faith, his own beliefs and how to pass along his values to his kids. It’s interesting. I’ll report back when I’m done.

Have a good day.


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