Right Said Fred

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  • Fred Hoiberg had a great news conference. No surprise. As Shawn Terrell said, Hoiberg seems like a guy who will succeed at whatever he does.
  • Some of us who remember Fred in high school are shaking our heads that he’s now the head coach at Iowa State. Time flies.
  • We had Hoiberg on our radio show. He has a plan. He’s confident. He knows why (some) people doubt him. I can’t imagine anyone with no head coaching experience having a better shot at working out. Fred Hoiberg is not Clyde Drexler.
  • Jamie Pollard told us every hire is a roll of the dice. (see Chizik, McDermott) Pollard believes Hoiberg is a safer bet than most. He might be right.
  • Pollard sold some season tickets. Cyclone fans haven’t been this excited about the basketball program since Larry Eustachy’s prime.
  • Johnny Orr, Jim Hallihan, and Gary Thompson all told me they have zero doubts Hoiberg will succeed.
  • Bottom line: The Iowa State basketball program has a much brighter outlook than it did a week ago. It can’t get much worse than fan apathy, bottom of the Big 12, and no Hilton Magic. Fans should be excited.


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