Rice in the Middle East, Ragbrai Day Two, and Americans Winning Abroad.

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The US Secretary of State Rice arrived in Beirut this morning for a surprise visit with Lebanese officials. The goal of the trip is some kind of sustainable cease fire between Hezbollah and Israel. Don’t count on it, but the visit will likely mean some progress. Articles I was reading this morning talked about Israel accepting a UN peacekeeping force. We’re also getting our first perspective from Iowans who were caught in Lebanon while the first fighting was going on.

Firestone’s contract with about 14-hundred union workers is up. The two sides are negotiating but they don’t have an agreement.

I’ve been trying to find more information about the new version of the Farm Bill. If you’re reading this from the inside of a cubicle in the middle of a city, you might ask how this affects you. In truth, Iowa will be one of the places most effected by any changes to the Farm bill in 2007, and whether you live in a rural farm community or not…. Senate hearings on the bill will be held in ANkeney today. You should be watching this one unfold.

Under the wrong place, wrong time file: An Iowa man was “grazed by a bullet” apparently fired by a sniper from the side of an Indiana Interstate. They’re still looking for the sniper or snipers after two separate attacks in Indiana over the weekend.

Americans did pretty well overseas this weekend. First Floyd Landis won the Tour DeFrance. After a fall Friday everyone was saying this guy had just lost the race. Turns out Floyd had other ideas.

Meanwhile if you’re a golf fan you’ve got to be talking about Tiger Woods’ win at The British Open this weekend. It’s his third British Open title and his eleventh Major. He’s ahead of pace to pass Jack Nickalus for career major victories, and this weekend we saw some of the emotion everyone expected out of Tiger after the passing of his father Earl. Good for Tiger, good for golf.

What was not good for golf? The idiots on just about every tee snapping their cell phone cameras to get a shot of Tiger. Not only did it slow the round down to the point where Tiger almost got a one stroke penalty, it’s just stupid. Did the techno-geniuses who figured out how to snap these little bits of history know there’s a button to silence the camera sound effect on these things? At the very least turn the sound feature off. They shouldn’t have the phones on them to begin with.
The only thing that makes the people with the cell phones look smarter are the PR geniuses at “Fathers for Justice”. These wizards of media coverage decided that the best way to get their message out about the plight of fathers in custody battles was to interrupt one of the most popular sporting events in Great Britain. They threw purple eggs full of paint on to the 18th green.
Brits take their golf seriously. Fathers for Justice might as well have thrown paint on the Queen. The only thing they got out of it was an entire continent angry about the protest, and another continent across the ocean where they will be the punchline to every joke on sports talk radio today.
I’m sure the donations are pouring in to the Fathers for Justice offices as we speak. Why do people(even those who may have a serious gripe, or protest) do such stupid things to call attention to their cause? It made me long for the good ol’ USA where the only thing we have to interrupt Tiger is that guy yelling “YOU DA MAAAAAN” or “GET IN THE HOLE!!!!!”

Brad says you might be able to try MLK again to get on the freeway tonight going west. They’ve made a second turn lane to go left on to the entrance ramp.

Have a good day.

Patrick Dix


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