Revolution, Rice and Rennovation

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Good Morning…
The renovation continues slowly at the Dix House. Paint goes up today to complete the Living Room, Dining Room. Since I don’t want to smell pain fumes and I don’t think I can corral kids away from the wall while they dry, we’re headed to the mall tonight for a little time at the Lord of the Flies Play Yard followed by some Chick-Fil-A.
I’m actually looking forward to it. No dishes, I can put the kids down and head to bed. Sally’s back tomorrow.

To the News:
I’m not sure it’s time to envision a Middle east with democracies yet, but I am starting to wonder what this is going to look like. I’m hearing names of Cities I’ve read a lot about in books about World War II. I wonder what a world with Democracies in Lybia and Egypt would look like. Vacations to Lybia?

Our AOL Consumer Advisor Regina Lewis gave us a few trends to think about for 2011. she says Black rice is one of them…OK if it makes Chinese food healthier…I’m good with that.
Microbrews were also on the mist. As a beer drinker who really appreciates a good Microbrew I think that’s great. She also says paying for things with your phone will become more mainstream. I am seeing rumors the new iPhone will have the technology on board. I’m not sure how I feel about that one. I would think the potential to hack into my information would grow with that kind of technology, but I also think that’s what people have said every time a new technology like this comes out.

Best Of
Congrats to the Sports team for it’s multiple recognitions in Cityview’s Best of.
I can’t say I always agree with the choices and some of the categories make you shake your head. Best Park is Gray’s Lake…but it’s also the “Best place to Do it in Public”?????

Sonya showed me her story on changes to the Gun Permit Laws just before we went on at Noon. I’ve noticed comments on our Facebook page slamming the story…I don’t understand this. You haven’t even seen the story and you’re already calling it a Liberal hack job? I think there will be some people who are reconsidering that position…I also think you can believe in a person’s right to carry a firearm and still be in favor of laws that recognize the responsibility that goes along with that right.

A few other Randoms
-Sweet Potato Chips…It’s a snack revelation for me
-I watched Minority Report and actually liked it. i didn’t think I was going to.
-Parenthood is still one of the best shows on TV right now
-I don’t think I need to see anymore about Lindsey Lohan. Please just put her in jail or on probation or back in rehab…but off the Today Show would be my 1st choice.

I hope you have a good day!
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