RAGBRAI, Showdown and Sister Act

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Good Afternoon.
Got home a bit early today so i could see Sally. I am going to be wife-less for the end of the week. Sally is traveling for work. Rather than let the kids fend for themselves at 3AM when I walk out the door we decided it would be better to have my sister come and stay. Daddy Daycare/Sister Act starts tonight.

Altoona looks ready to host RAGBRAI 2011. It’s another hot humid day but this has to be one of the flattest days of the ride this year. It’s also one of the most congested. I was happy to hear, no major accidents or incidents as the riders went through the more populated areas of the route.

So it looks like no one really knows what’s going to happen in Washington. The President can’t corral his Caucus, The Speaker has totally lost any control of his Caucus…so who knows?
I’ve heard a couple of the Presidential candidates and several Republican Members of Congress talk about letting the Government default…as if that’s the solution…blow it up.
I wonder what this now powerful block of Tea Party Republicans will says if the consequences of default turn out to be as disastrous as some experts predict? If the Economy tanks, will the Presidential Candidates who opposed an increase in the debt ceiling quit the race? Who will they blame?
“The Fault Dear Brutus is not in our stars, it is in ourselves…”


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