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Good Morning…
I asked Jeriann is she wanted to mow my lawn today. She doesn’t have a lot of “forecasting” to do. It’s going to be beautiful through next week.

In the News
Do any of you believe Rep Joe Wilson’s outburst to the President was motivated by Racism? I’m interested in hearing from people. I think it has a lot more to do with the fact that Republicans are focused on provisions of this bill dealing with illegal immigrants. I guess you can consider that view racist if you want but was the outburst about the President being African American?

Honor Flight
If you buy a pizza at Casey’s this week, $1 of the cost goes to Honor Flight’s around Iowa. Casey’s already paid for one. The letters just went out this week to 350 veterans of WW2 who will get a free trip to DC to see the WW2 Memorial.

Biggest Loser
Did anyone else think the language on the Biggest Loser was a little harsh last night. Jillian dropped more F-bombs than I’ve heard in a long time. Then again I’ve been out of High School Sports and a Fraternity House for a while now.

Did anyone actually believe this was a non-partisan group? Of course it is! Did anyone actually believe it was going to end any other way for Acorn? I sure didn’t.
League of Women Voters and Secretaries of State in each state should register voters. I think community activism is great but only when the actual goal is benefiting the community…not benefiting one political party…Any Party

Google Upgrade
I’m going to try out Google’s new features today. Go online yourself and see how it works. Apparently it allows you to turn pages of websites like a newspaper…What do you think?

The CEO of Facebook says the company is making money…In other News…the Sun will rise tomorrow and the Earth is round.

Go have a great day.


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