Powell for Obama, Palin on SNL and If the Stroller Fits!

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Good Morning!
Hope everyone had a good weekend. We spent more time registering for baby stuff…there was some nipple confusion and a question about everything fitting in the trunk but I’ll get to that in a minute..
I also hope you’ll vote in this morning’s poll questions. Also we’ve got a new list up. We’ll try to update these things as much as we can.

To the News:
Powell for Obama
It’s hard not to pay attention every time former Secretary of State General Colin Powell opens his mouth. You may not agree with him but I would find it hard to believe that anyone could honestly say they don’t respect him and his contributions to this country. That said I wonder what you think about his endorsement of Barack Obama. I thought it interesting that he focused in on the whisper campaign about Sen Obama’s religion and how turned off he was about that in particular. So is this going to make a difference for you as a voter? Let us know in today’s poll question on the right.
On a related note I thought David Yepsen’s column in the Sunday Des Moines Register was the clearest, most concise evaluation of the failing of Republican politics in this state and nationwide during this presidential election cycle. Anyone read it? What did you think?

Palin on SNL

If you missed it, Here’s the video of Sarah Palin’s appearance on SNL. I only posted the first one because I thought that was funny. The second time she showed up on Weekend Update, I thought it was a little hard to watch.

If the Stroller Fits
We did a little more registering for the babies this weekend and had a little more success. A visit to Consumer Reports and A LOT more reading helped…but only a little.
First, the victory. We found a stroller. It took us a while but we figured out one of the more popular twin strollers will, in fact fit in the trunk of Sally’s Civic. Barely. Still it’s good enough.
So that’s out of the way.
But I had to ask Brooke about bottles this morning. When we walked into Babies ‘r Us we started registering in the section closest to the front. It happens to be the bottle section. There’s a type of nipple that Consumer Reports recommends. I was ready to register for those but nowhere on the box for the bottles does it say which nipples fit on which bottles. Sally had gone for a quick bathroom break so I’m standing, by myself, in front of a wall filled with bottle nipples looking for some sort of confirmation I’m registering for the right things…I finally had to ask, “do all of these nipples fit all of these bottles?”. After confirmation from the lady in the store we moved on. Clothes will be the next thing we tackle.

And with that I’m headed home for a nap.


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