Polk County Republicans’ New Leaders

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I’m trying to catch up on some news. My laptop got zapped by some type of virus, xp-police or something like that? It apparently alerts you that you have a virus, then makes it look like it offers you some type of software to kill the virus. Although, when you try to activate that software, you are really activating the virus. We just took in the laptop to get some professionals to try to clean it up. 100 bucks…why the hell do these idiots create these viruses?

Anyway, enough ranting. The controversial Ted Sporer era in leading Polk County Republicans appears to be over. Sporer tried to muscle his way in as state party chairman, but failed to get enough support behind him. Sporer could be a “you love him or hate him” kind of guy. His blog went down for several months. It’s now back up, but he’s no longer leading the county party. Republicans have selected Jon Bloom and Will Rogers as co-chairs to take over. The party’s county web site offers no information on the change. It says it is “reorganizing”.


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