Peace Prize, Moon Crash Landing and The Bet

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Good Morning.
I’ll start this morning by wishing my wife a Happy 10th Anniversary. 22 years ago I asked her out for the first time and ten years ago I got lucky and convinced her to make it permanent. This year in particular I’ve been reminded why she’s one of a kind. Through some personal adversity, the birth of twins, adjustment to being a Mom, and finishing up her MBA, she’s continued to show the grace and good humor I love. I can’t imagine spending my life with anyone else.

To the News
Peace Prize
What a way to wake up. The President found out he’d been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize this morning when he got up. The announcement was a huge surprise as President Obama’s name hadn’t even been mentioned. As I write this we are hearing he is declining the award saying there are more deserving people. I agree. It may be viewed as a political move, but it’s still the right thing to do.

Moon Crash Landing
NASA crashed a rocket into the Moon this morning but we won’t know the results for a few hours. The idea was to send a cloud of rock and dust into the Lunar atmosphere to analyze it to see if there is water on the Moon. A trailing satellite was supposed to send back images and analysis of the cloud. We’re hearing they lost contact with that satellite just before it was supposed to fly through the cloud. Oooops!
So here’s a question: Are NASA projects like this worth it? Is discovery for discovery’s sake a good thing? BTW this cost $57 million.

The Bet
I woke up deflated by the news Missouri lost to Nebraska last night. That meant I had to wear Erin Keirnan’s Big Red hat on air this morning. No problem. I will take the loss in stride. As I wrote a Nebraska fan via email this morning…I hope this is the start of a VERY competitive series between the schools. It wasn’t that way when I was at MIZZOU.
President’s Cup golf should cheer me up. Zach Johnson won his match Thursday morning…Hopefully he continues to play well.

I gotta go get Sally a cup of coffee. I might get one myself.
Hope your weekend goes well. Bundle up out there!



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