Pass the Hat, Regents Hire Attorneys and Shawn Moves On

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Good Morning!
I’ll keep this brief this morning. I’ve got to go over to the Botanical Center for a meeting. It’s called The Des Moines Area Broadcast Ascertainment Group. If you can tell me what that means I’ll give you five bucks.
Title aside The group meets every couple of months to listen to members of the community. Six guests give us their views on just about anything. It’s pretty interesting most of the time. This month I was in charge of inviting three of the the guests. Lets hope everyone thinks they’re interesting.

To the News

Pass the Hat
I put that heading out for a few different stories. Did you see former Iowa congressman Jim Nussle talking about the deficit? The numbers are more than most of us can comprehend. The Headline yesterday was the record deficit the next president will inherit. The scary part is that the numbers didn’t even include some of the costs of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq!
Sen John McCain is pushing cuts in spending and more responsibility on the Federal level. I like that idea and McCain has a record of going after pork barrel spending.
Sen Obama is pushing another tax rebate check as a short term solution to getting the economy rolling again…I like that idea too but for the wrong reasons. It feels good now but it costs the Federal Government a lot of money. And by the way it’s not so much a rebate as it is a loan borrowed from a borrower. Unfortunately the Feds aren’t pairing back the spending to match the cost of the rebate given out this spring… Somebody’s got to pay for that giveaway. There are no free lunches.
We get another economic snapshot when the Consumer Confidence Index comes out today.
Hold on to your hats…we could see another dip in the Dow if the news isn’t good.

Regents. Speaking of passing their hat, I feel like the Regents should do it. The Regents are going to pay about $250,000 for a re-opened investigation into the University of Iowa’s conduct surrounding sexual assault allegations on campus. If some of the Administrators at U of I are at fault or in some way violated school policy, or common sense, I want my money back. Take a look at What the University President is making these days. That’s my money. It’s yours too. We should demand more when we pay that much.

Shawn and Lolo
Keith Murphy’s interviews with two of Iowa’s most recognizable athletes aired last night and this morning. It seems (on the Today in Iowa Crew anyway)we all can’t get enough of Shawn Johnson…and if you can’t get inspired listening to Lolo Jones…as Keith says…Check your pulse.

Shawn Mayer
The May City native is down to the final three for the Next Nashville Star show on NBC. One way or another this girl is going to get a recording contract and is going to be a Country Music singer professionally.

I gotta go…this took too long!


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