Parkersburg, Bug Spray and Principal Charity Classic

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Good Morning!
Hope the rain helps get you back into a short work week. At least it’s not 70 and sunny when we all have to go back. It was nice having the girls back on the set. Jeriann did some severe weather work over the weekend but both she and Brooke say it was nice to have the day Monday. How about that Monday afternoon. I dragged Sally out to the driving range for another practice session. She’s already a good golfer and getting better.

Back to the news
The news is all in Northeast Iowa this week in the Parkersburg area to be exact. You look at some of the video we’re getting and you wonder how anyone survived. The attitude of the storm victims may be the most amazing thing about this week. They’re just going to push on and rebuild…that’s all there is to do. Lynn Melling pout it well this morning..there’s a sense that they’re all “in it together”.
All of our reporters did a great job while they were up there. The talk was particularly about Sonya and her cameo on Nightly News last night. This team does really well on big news events.
The Gov is going to update the clean-up this morning. We’ll have the latest at Noon.

Bug Spray
We had a quick hit in our consumer segment about this one. I guess they’re trying to come up with a bug spray that will last months at a time. The story says most bug sprays now are only effective for 17 days. Brooke and I both wondered how in the world any bug spray could last that long…the answer came from our AP Wade…don’t shower. I’m not sure that’s practical but this story claims the military is working on a bug spray that would basically last you all summer long.

I’ll pass of the blogging to Brooke tomorrow. I’ve got the rough assignment of golfing out at the Principal Charity Classic tomorrow. This all stems from a story I did last year with Principal Chairman Barry Griswell. I caddied for him during the Pro-Am and (I hope) helped. He asked if I’d like to play the next year and sure enough he made good on the invite…To say I’m looking forward to this one is an understatement.
So if you’ve got nothing to do tomorrow morning around nine…come on out to Glen Oaks. We should be on the course.
See you tomorrow…


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