Overseas Arrests, The Economy, and Ditka

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Good Morning,

Ditka and Da Shuffle

I hope all of you don’t have The Superbowl Shuffle stuck in your head this morning. We played it quite a bit. Keith got a chance to talk to Coach Mike Ditka yesterday. He asked about the video that made the 85 team even more beloved by the Windy City. Check out Keith’s interview on 13 RAW. It’s funny. Is Ditka cleaning something out of his teeth when Keith is talking to him. This is why I love the man. He really doesn’t care what anyone else thinks of him…He’s just Da Coach.
It’s SO stuck in my head! My brothers and I played that non-stop back in 85. I even got extra credit in gym class for performing a verse in front of everyone!

To the actual News of the Day.

Overnight Arrests
In Great Britain, they’ve arrested eight people on suspicion of terrorism. The early reports indicate this was a plot to kidnap someone and cut off their head.

Overnight in Iraq we learned of more car bombings, police injured, and the US military announced the deaths of two more US soldiers and a Marine.
On this subject we also brought you the story of Sen. Barack Obama taking The President’s challenge: “If you don’t like my plan, come up with an alternative”. Obama has done just that. Say what you want about the Obama plan and it’s merits, at least he is meeting the president to debate actual alternatives instead of just criticizing the Administrations new plans.
Speaker Nancy Pelosi is back in the US after a visit to Iraq. She was not pleased at what she saw.

Sunshine Good or Bad:
We’ve heard both. A new study shows a little Sunshine isn’t bad for you and might actually help protect your skin. I fall on the side of common sense. It’s not bad to be out in the sunshine. If you’re going to be in intense sunshine for time periods longer than say, 20 minutes… protect your skin. It seems pretty simple.

Back court of Joy:
This won’t mean much to a lot of you but I got a call last night from my friend Tim Payne. He and his wife just had twin baby boys Tuesday. Both of the boys are healthy as is Mom.
Two funny stories.
First, Tim and Amy already have a beautiful daughter who, a hearing the news she was going to have twin siblings, told her parents, “I’d like a sister, and a puppy.” Jilly is apparently warmed up to the idea of twin baby brothers.
Tim was also the best player on our HS basketball team. He says he’s now going to be referring to his twin boys as, “the back court“. Congrats TP and Amy.

Have a good day and stay warm out there.

I’m running off to start a busy day – haircut, workout with a friend, a school meeting, lots of time playing with the kiddos, AND a special night-time news assignment. I’ll let you in on just the topic I’m cooking up for tomorrow – it involves a behind the scenes peek at Phantom of the Opera! The theatre geek in me is loving this assignment …watch in the morning to see more!


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