Overnight SHooting, VaTech Again and Dow

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Good Afternoon.

Not a lot of good news to talk about today but here goes:


A shooting at a home on Des Moines’ southwest side seems out of character for that neighborhood near Valley Junction but it does not seem like a random act. Why would someone choose that neighborhood to go shoot up a house? You really have to want to go back there…it’s not like a lot of people wander through.

Va Tech

At this hour the Virginia Tech University Campus in Blacksburrg VA is locked down again. Three teens at a Summer Camp reported someone with a gun on Campus. The whole police went into lock down. I hope this isn’t true but this better not be a prank.


It’s down 300 points as I write this. I have to say I’m not sure the prolonged debt debate didn’t hurt the Economy anyway. It’s made me stop to question my long term investments (modest 401k) and really look at whether the plan we have for saving really is a good idea. I wonder how many of you are doing the same right now. Anyone come up with any better ideas?

Annoying Call

So again last night we got multiple calls from polling and/or campaigns asking for our opinion/support. I have told every poll that’s called that I can’t participate in any of these event because of my job. Doesn’t anyone take note of that? I would think you wouldn’t want to have a no response over and over and over again.

I said after the third call woke me up just as I was about to fall asleep at nine thirty…I’m becoming a socialist anarchist…


At this hour I am also awaiting the arrival of Tiger Woods on the tee of a PGA Tour event for the 1st time in Months. I, for one, an excited. I know I sounds like a Tiger apologist here, but I want him to play golf again. I want him to do well…I want him to challenge the young crop of PGA Tour stars that’s emerged in his absence. Zach is also playing right in front of Tiger. I hope the Golf Channel shows more than just Tiger playing this afternoon.

As I write this, my parents are also headed to Iowa. They’re coming for the National Balloon Classic in Indianola. I’m not sure either one of them is a balloon enthusiast…i would say they’re more enthusiasts of anything that their grandchildren think is cool. Our boys are a little too young I think but we may try next year.

I hope you all have a good day


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