Overnight accident, Early wake-up call, and The Birthday Suit!

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Sorry this is so late posting. I was out on a “shooting” investigation on the South side of the city. Some guy called police saying he was shot in the face along SW Park Ave. There’s a hole in the driver’s side window, and he’s got a scratch on the face. Police aren’t sure exactly what happened yet. Anyway, that’s why this is late.

If you lived in Des Moines in the 70’s you probably remember the Coronado Apartment. The man convicted of killing four people in the fire is out of prison this morning.

If you were one of the people trying to get home in I-235 late last night you ran into a big traffic problem. A police report now says a drunk driver hit a stalled car. The accident sent two people to the hospital and dozens more people around the accident for about a half hour.

Anyone else wake up with the fireworks last night? Every Police agency in the Metro spent most of the night trying to catch up with all the calls dealing with illegal fireworks.

North Korea shot off another one of it’s long range nuclear missiles again this morning. Thing is, it didn’t work.

Shuttle Discovery gets an early wake up call this morning and gets to work making sure launch didn’t cause any problems that might have damaged the orbiter.

Two new studies you might want to learn more about this morning. One says a good night sleep is the way to reduce the length and severity of the severe headaches.
The second is for moms who are trying to figure out when they’ll stop breastfeeding.

The Riley Bike trail closes today for resurfacing and repair. It’s part of a larger project to extend and connect trails. Here’s a cool link if you’re looking for more information about biking in central Iowa.

And thanks to Trish for this morning’s reminder that the bikini turns 60 today.

Have a good morning.
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