Outages Continue, Roads Improve, and Back to School

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Good Morning.
It’ll be another shorter blog this morning, only because we’re talking a lot about one subject…cleaning up from the winter weather.

The clean-up is going to be slow for a lot of the homes in southeast Iowa where power is still out. At the peak of the outages there were as many as 60-thousand or more customers without power. That number went down significant;y overnight. About 10-thousand people were still without power on Mid-American’s Central Iowa list (that # went down to nine thousand in the two hours we were on the air), Alliant Energy told us it still had about 25-thousand customers state-wide that were out overnight but again they made some progress. Have you heard from family or friends who are coping without light or heat? I wonder sometimes what the heck we’d do?

Schools in Southeast Iowa couldn’t go this morning because, obviously, they have no power…most of the rest of the state was back in including the metro schools. Again I’d ask…what did you do with the kids on a day off? I heard Jordan Creek Closed by 5pm last night because it was just dead out there. That kind of surprises me. Sally and I went out the the gym about 4pm and the roads weren’t too bad. She asked last night if I thought the schools jumped the gun by closing yesterday. My answer: No. I think they made a good decision, but I’d be interested in hearing from an actual parent or two.

Politics were the other activity that suffered yesterday. Dave Price reported 20 events canceled because of the snow. If you look at the front page of the paper this morning, you see what happens when the weather gets in the way…you have a lot of media looking for something to cover. If you were Mitt Romney, that meant you benefited yesterday. It looked like there were more cameras than people with the former Massachusetts Governor when he visited Kaleidoscope Mall at lunchtime.

It’ll be back to the snow blower at my house this afternoon, but I think I’m going to have a hard time. My house is on a corner and it popular with the dog walkers in neighborhood. Before I can get to the snow, there are already tracks in it and it’s pretty packed down. I’m trying my best but I’m afraid my neighbors think I’m neglecting my homeowner duties and putting them at some risk of ending up on their backs. We’ll try again today.

I might also do a pulse check on some of our regular bloggers today? Where are you guys. I’m starting to think you all lost power.
Have a good one.


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