No More Leak, Politics, and 36

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Good morning!
Thanks to everyone who sent me a nice birthday wish via email or Facebook. I feel well remembered and am looking forward to having family in town this weekend(and my wife back home tonight!).

To the news…
We got an email from a guy this morning saying he wasn’t going to watch anymore if we were only going to do bad news. He said he wanted more Happy News. If you missed it we had a couple bad car accident and we followed up on the drowning yesterday. For the record, we don’t run these stories for the sake of running an accident. the accident shut down I-35. That’s news…no way around it, especially in the morning. There will be thousands of people in pools this weekend…a reminder that it can be dangerous isn’t out of line is it?
Maybe we’ll ignore the news Monday and put video of puppies and sunshine on for two hours.

No more Leak
BP has the well capped…Now that wasn’t so bad was it? It only took em three months…
They’ve got to decide whether they’ll syphon off the oil to a ship at the surface or just use the containment dome to cap the well for now…

The story of the day for me is the one coming out of the Republican Primary. We learned what most everyone suspected yesterday when news came out that the Democratic Governor’s association paid more than three quarters of a million bucks for ads to try to sink Terry Branstad. One expert interviewed by the Register called it desperation.
Yep, that’s about right. What does it say about a Political Party’s confidence in its’ candidate that you have to get involved in the other guy’s primary and try to get the weakest candidate elected?
How do you feel if you gave a thousand bucks to the Dems thinking it would go to help elect…you know… Democrats?!?
How much could $750000 buy you in another race?
The kicker here is that it didn’t matter at all. Do you really think anyone is going to remember that Branstad ONLY got 50 percent of the vote? In a general election he’s probably going to look better to independent voters in Iowa that he’s NOT beholden to the Right.
Your guy, however is going to get slapped around with this one for the next four months. The bottom line for me is that you didn’t use the money the way your donors probably expected.

Baskin Robbins Cuts Flavors
BR cut five flavors out of it’s line-up. The only one I care about is the French Vanilla…It wasn’t cut so much as it just surrendered.

Hope to have some pictures from the weekend celebrations Monday. We’ll see.


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