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You know what kind of a morning it’s going to be when there are no Styrofoam cups for coffee. We rallied and washed out the caked on grime from one of the coffee cups on our desk and moved on…
To the News
The Economy
The Dow is now sitting at the level it was when I left college. I’m still pulling all nighters…now they involve diapers…
Boone Fire/Police
I can see where some people would have a problem combining these city entities into one force. Someone’s going to lose their job. That’s the whole point. As an alternative they could ask people who live in Boone if they want to pay more in taxes. My point is, sometimes I think we don’t make choices. The city of Boone can have the best public safety force in the state. It would probably cost a lot and be overkill for a town with a low crime rate and number of fires.
If you think one person can’t make a difference you should watch Janay Towne’s story about one of the “Heroes of the Heartland” from last night. You may not change the world but the difference you can make volunteering can impact a life in ways you can’t imagine at the time.
California Mayor
Did you see the racially offensive email picture this mayor from Los Alamidos CA sent around? How dumb do you have to be? When are people going to learn that when you post something on the Internet…everyone else can READ IT!
Anyone see Late Night last night? Reviews of Jimmy Fallon?
Suggestions on series I should start recording now that I have a DVR? I plan on using it to watch golf at three in the morning when I’m feeding the boys but I’d take other suggestions.
Murphy caved, but I won’t do it. I just can’t get into the idea of Facebook.
Short and sweet today. Maybe my having twins was a good thing for all of you too.
Have a good one


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