New sculpture park and keeping kids busy

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Good morning. It’s just me again today.

I drove by the sculpture garden yesterday and saw a lot of people walking around looking at the art. Our photojournalist Jimmy Vowell took his video camera out to the park yesterday after it opened and got some great pictures of people looking around. He found all kinds of people there including families with young children, college students and a couple laughing at themselves as they try to figure out what the sculptures represent. I think the sampling represents the kind of people organizers of this project hope will enjoy the project. In other words, they want everyone to see it. I think it looks like a great place to take your camera and get some cool pictures. Can’t wait to take a look myself.

Yesterday I shared my anxiety about keeping Evan busy this winter. Well, I got some great suggestions from one of our viewers and I thought I would share some them with everyone in case there are some parents with young children reading today:

1. Walks in the skywalk
2. Make cookies
3. Visiting a care center and handing out fruit.
4. Read a book by the fireplace at Jordan Creek Mall
5. Kids movie during the day at the theater
6. Craft projects with friends

Thanks, Brenda for the ideas. I know it requires a little planning and creativity, but I know there are ways to entertain in the winter. I love the idea of going to a care center. I know Evan and the residents would love it. Children have a way of bringing out smiles!

That’s all for now. Sorry it’s so short but I have a dentist appointment to get to. Have a great day.



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