New Pharmacy Rules, McCoy Hearing, and The Voice of the Iowa Energy

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Good Morning and thanks for responding to the Blog yesterday. It always helps to hear what you are thinking about some of the stories we bring you on the morning News.

In this morning’s Headlines:

Over the Counter

The rules for what kinds of drugs you can get over the counter could change. The FDA is considering expanding the list of drugs you don’t need a doctor’s approval to get. The list could include things like birth control pills and migraine medicine.

I’m not opposed to a form of this but I would think an initial prescription would still be appropriate. Then it could be up to the doctor and patient to monitor the use of the drug.

Iowa Poll

The Dems are still knotted up at the top. Edwards, Clinton and Obama are all still within the margin of error in the latest New York Times Poll. On the Republican side, look out! Here comes former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. He’s just six points behind Mitt Romney in this latest poll.

Kids Gyms

Megan Reuther walked us around a “kids only” gym. It looks a lot like a play area and may seem like a little bit of a gimmick for those of us who grew up just playing. I don’t have kids and I don’t know this to be true, but I would think kids today need more formalized activity. When you’re competing with video games and the things that can keep a kid inside, making play a little more formalized and fun could be a way to reinforce activity as a way of life. What do you parents think?

Jeriann’s Trivia Question

At first Jeriann had her trivia for this week’s fun forecast as: The only Iowa Native to win the Heisman Trophy Grew up in the town she’s going to visit…Who’s the winner? We had to amend that to: Who was the only Heisman winner to play in and grow up in Iowa?

I was on Wikipedia…and found out that the first ever Heisman winner was from Dubuque. I didn’t know that.

Voice of the Energy

They held tryouts for the PA announcer at Iowa Energy games yesterday. It was really interesting to see some of the people who showed up. Good voices. It would be a fun job if you love basketball. I have to admit, I’ve always wanted to be the PA announcer for a sports team.

Brooke had a busy morning so



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