My Arm is Sore

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Should my arm still be sore three days after my tetanus shot? A co-worker talked me into getting the shot (it was free after all) while we were working on our story Monday at the flooded out Birdland Neighborhood in Des Moines. No doubt it was a good idea since we have been trudging through flood waters all week.

As the waters pull back, you get an even better sense of the damage. That neighborhood is full of stink and full of bugs. I don’t know how some of these people do it. They got flooded out in 1993. Now they are flooded again. Although, if you are one of those people who say, “just move”, remember, some of these people don’t have much money. They especially don’t have the money to just move and build a new house someplace else. Besides, who will buy their flooded-out house in the flood plain in Birdland. It’s just not that easy. I wonder if the feds will look at just buying them out and making green space there. Then, maybe we won’t have to worry about the next 500-year flood. When it happens again in 15 years.


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