MURPHY’S LAW: Stanzi May Start, McCarney Commercials, Leaving Channel 13

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By Chris Hassel

It sounds like Romeo Crennel may give Ricky Stanzi a chance at quarterback, this Sunday. My question is: what’s taken him so long??? The Chiefs are 2-12. It’s obvious that Cassel and Brady Quinn aren’t the answer. Why keep last year’s draft pick on the bench while you’re failing to score more than 7 points, week in and week out? No one knows what Ricky can do. He’s never taken a regular season snap!

Why in the world is the Dan McCarney/Kirk Ferentz toys for tots commercial still running? I guess it’s only been six years since he was let go. Maybe there’s a Steve Alford/Wayne Morgan commercial floating around somewhere, too. 

Great Monday Night Football game, tonight. Jets-Titans? Yuck. 

The Big 4 Classic doesn’t involve the Big 4 women. That means the ISU women have to travel to UNI tonight. I must say, I was disappointed in the attendance at the inaugural event. 

By now you’ve likely heard the news that I’m leaving Channel 13 for ESPN. There’s no doubt that I’m excited, but I can’t help but feel a certain sadness that my time in Des Moines is coming to an end. I came here nearly six years ago thinking I’d only be here for a year or two at most. I will leave knowing that I could’ve spent the rest of my life here and been happy as heck. I wouldn’t have left here for many opportunities, but this is one I know I have to take. I will miss my family, I will miss my friends, I will miss my co-workers, and I will miss you the viewer (even those of you who don’t necessarily care for my antics). 

I’m so glad that Andy decided to stay. I find it hard to believe that there are two better mentors in this business than Keith and Andy. I can’t wait to begin this new chapter of my life, but it’s certainly bitter-sweet to say the least. 

Do you think Keith will let me take the Cooter Ray bobblehead with me? 



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