MURPHY’S LAW: Spartans Shocked, Too Much Klein, Crazy Skydiver

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By: John Sears

Ok, so who had Iowa beating Michigan State?  Put your hand down.  I thought Iowa would hang in the game but never thought they would win.  It was ugly, terrible conditions, no offense, and Kirk Ferentz loved it.

Mark Weisman continues to impress, he was bottled up a lot of the game but came through with some BIG runs.  26 carries, 116 yards, and a TD.  Sparty has a rock solid defense, Weisman was tough as nails.  Hopefully the ankle injury he suffered on the game-tying TD won’t keep him out against Penn State. 

Mike Meyer is an NFL kicker, period.  14/15 FG’s this season.  He drills a 42 yarder in double OT in terrible conditions.  One word, clutch. 

Think about this, all of Iowa’s points scored on Saturday were from walk-ons.  Meyer kicked 4 FG’s and an extra point, while Weisman scored the only TD.  Meyer is on scholarship now and Weisman will be in January, but still that’s pretty incredible. 

James Vandenberg continues to struggle in the passing game.  I feel bad for him.  He’s as nice of a guy as you’ll come across.  But, he came up with THE biggest play of the game late in the 4th.  2nd and 26, deep to Keenan Davis.  THAT was a big time throw, you couldn’t have walked it out to Keenan any better. 

Greg Castillo, right spot, right time, well done.

Iowa is in the drivers seat to win the Legends division.  Let me repeat, Iowa is on top of the Legends division.

No B1G teams are ranked in the Top 25 of the first BCS rankings.  Ohio State would be, but they aren’t eligible.  The conference is not good this year, Iowa definitely has a shot to win it.

Iowa State let a golden opportunity slip through their fingers against #6 Kansas State on Saturday.  Missed opportunity after missed opportunity.  You can’t do that against a Bill Snyder coached team.

Speaking of Snyder, is he a hell of a coach or what?  Seriously?  He’s resurrected one of the worst programs, twice!!!

The difference between ISU beating K-State, simple.  Collin Klein.  He’s not flashy, and will never be an NFL QB but he is a heck of a college QB.  ISU has a very good defense and they just couldn’t stop him, and they knew what was coming. 

Felix Baumgartner is crazy.  No person dreams of jumping out of a balloon 24 miles above the earth.  24 miles!!!  Think about that for a second.  Incredible.  At one point he was on fire traveling over 800 miles per hour, free-falling for over 9 minutes.  The man is crazy, and somehow still alive. 

Watch out for flying footballs if you’re a sideline reporter. 


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