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By: John Sears

I haven’t blogged in over a week so I have some catching up to do.  First, RVTV.  Awesome week.  outside of Andy’s voice sounding like a 95-year-old smoker by the end everything went very well.  Greenfield, Indianola, Knoxville, Pella were all great hosts.  Can’t wait till next year.  I promise to show off better dancing skillzzz.

As for the Cy-Hawk game.  Some call it a great defensive battle.  I call it a game between an average team and below average team.  ISU should have won by 14, Steele Jantz let the Hawks hang around.  Iowa’s offense was pathetic, that might be putting it nicely.  There’s no need to go in to major detail, all Hawk fans know, it wasn’t pretty.  The sad thing is, even as bad as Iowa played on offense they were 6 inches away from having a shot at a game tying field goal.

Props to Jake Knott.   Great linebacker.  Made the play of the game, in a game that lacked many great plays.   

Paul Rhoads got down on 1 knee after Knott’s interception and looked to be saying a prayer to the football gods.  It also looked like he was ‘Tebowing.’

Rhoads has ISU headed in the right direction.  They will be a dangerous team in the Big 12 this year.  I’m not saying they will win the conference, but ISU will not be a pushover for the likes of Oklahoma, West Virginia, TCU, Texas.

James Vandenberg did not play well, he still lacks confidence throwing down field.  But, after re-watching some of the highlights JVB put a lot of balls right on the money.  Some of the throws hit his WR’s in a bad place, the hands and chest.   

Northwestern Head Coach Pat Fitzgerald said it best talking about his own WR miscues, “They have a $60,000 scholarship.  Catch the ball.”  That quote applies to the Hawkeye WR’s too. 

James Vandenberg misses Ken O’Keefe.

James Vandenberg misses Marvin McNutt.

I know it’s only 2 games but at some point Greg Davis needs to realize he’s not in Texas anymore.  He doesn’t have Texas sized speed at WR.  Throwing a 1 yard screen is not going to get you 30+ yards at Iowa, it just isn’t. 

I don’t think UNI will beat Iowa.  I just can’t see it happening.  Could it?  Yes.  We all know what happened in 2009.  Will it?  I don’t think so.  Iowa 20  UNI 14.

The Cyclones are a 38 point favorite.  Honestly, has Iowa State EVER been a 38 point favorite?  I don’t care who they’re playing that says a lot about how far they’ve come.  ISU  48  WIU 14. 

The Packers just beat my Bears.  I’m not shocked.  It was a must win for Green Bay  and tehy played much better.  Chicago will be in it till the end.  Still the same problems though for the Bears ‘O.’  Offensive line, and Cutler throwing picks… 

And lastly here’s your comedy picture of the day.  Not your typical misprint on a school banner.


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