MURPHY’S LAW: RIP Andy, Hot n Cold, Family Ramblings

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By Chris Hassel

Two things I don’t understand about Des Moines. 1: we don’t trick-or-treat on Halloween. 2: the big fireworks show isn’t on July 4th. I’ve been here for over 5 years, and every year those two oddities always catch me off-guard. 

It was a sad day for fans of “The Andy Griffith Show”, like me. Andy died, this morning, at the age of 86. There’s always something strange about watching a show/movie starring people who are no longer with us. It always gives me a sense of loneliness. My Dad used to watch reruns of the show every weekend, when I was a kid. @TheTweetOfGod tweeted, today, that Andy Griffith “embodied a simpler, happier and, sadly, nonexistent time in American history”. Very true. 

Speaking of my Dad, he is the superintendent at a golf club, in Muscatine. He’s out in the heat all day, every day. I feel for him and everyone else who has to endure this stretch of weather. It’s bad enough for guys like me who have to suffer for 3 minutes in the car while my air-conditioning struggles to spit out some cool air. 

The hotter it is outside, the colder it is at work. Today I wore jeans and a pullover jacket. One of my co-workers even went out and bought a pair of gloves with no fingers so she can keep warm while typing. I actually kind of like being cold. I keep the thermostat on 63, at home. 

I have no desire to see this new Spiderman movie. Seeing, “Ted”, tomorrow. Unless the wife figures out a way to bail. She claims she’s going to go with me, but I have a feeling she is going to come up with some kind of excuse to skip it. 

While I’m on the subject of my wife (and women in particular), you know what really frustrates me? When my wife claims she hates some of my favorite shows (like Family Guy, Southpark, etc…), and then when she is forced into watching it, she laughs uncontrollably. What’s the deal? I have friends that say the same thing. Why don’t women just admit that some of these shows are funny. If you can do that, I’ll admit that I’m actually growing to like The Kardashian’s (a little). I don’t mind admitting that because I know it’s not nearly as emasculating as a man loving “The Bachelorette”…which one of my guy friends is obsessed with. 

Andy has us watching the show, “Six Feet Under”. It’s kind of depressing. Plus, it’s another reminder of how quickly things go out of style. The show began in 2001, and it looks like the styles are from eons ago. 

I guess this was just one big blog about my family. I hope most of you have the opportunity to enjoy this 4th of July with yours!




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