MURPHY’S LAW: Prefontaine, Lolo, Principal

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I’m headed to the Olympic Trials in Eugene, Oregon. I worked until 11 p.m. Tuesday, then leave for the airport at 4:45 a.m. Wednesday. So I didn’t think that out very well. No complaints. I’m excited.

I love track and field. Always have. Though I don’t like to run. In high school, I jumped all four years. Long, triple, and high. I love watching other people run, in person, as long as they’re on an oval. People running past me as part of a marathon does nothing for me because I have no perspective.

I’m one of the few people alive who owns both Prefontaine movies—Without Limits is better—so I’ll visit that Pre memorial. I’m also going to see if I can find a Nike logo anywhere in Eugene. That could be tough.

Lolo Jones will be the celebrity of the Trials. She’s everywhere these days, including NBC Nightly News Tuesday night. Lolo is under tremendous pressure, and the women’s hurdling field is especially deep, so Lolo needs to be at her near-best. Three races to make the United States Olympic team. Should be high drama.

Lisa Koll-Uhl, formerly of Ft Dodge and Iowa State, will also try to make the team. Lisa and Lolo are two of more Iowans than you’d guess who are hoping for an expense paid trip to London. (Bryce Miller of the Des Moines Register is also going to the Trials, and then later, London.)

NBA ratings may actually go down for game 5. I don’t think people want to watch Lebron James win a ring. If game 5 were to keep him from winning, I suspect ratings would go up. Give Lebron his due. He’s been great, and so far, answered all critics. Except fashion critics.

ESPN The Magazine had a vote for every state’s “Best Sports Moment”. Iowa State’s shocking win over #2 Oklahoma State was Iowa’s winner, with UNI taking down #1 Kansas in the NCAA tournament voted #2. No one can tell you you’re right or wrong on this kind of choice. You’re entitled to think whatever you want when it comes to “best”, and that’s a highly subjective question.

I’d go #1 Iowa over #2 Michigan on the final play in 1985 as the top choice overall. (Tate to Holloway was the best thing I saw in person, with Marvlous Marv Seiler’s long run against Nebraska ranking as most improbable.) UNI over Kansas—Ali!—is my #2. ISU shakes up the BCS, and plays part in death of BCS, is third.

Glen Oaks taking a break from the Principal Charity Classic is not welcome news for the tourney. Attendance, sponsors, charities—- everything was running like a well-oiled machine. Des Moines Golf and Country Club makes the most sense now, but the guess here is members don’t want it. TCI has already hosted, and many players didn’t like the hills. Harvester is great, but likely too far away. Maybe Wakonda? Parking is an issue. I don’t know. They’ll figure something out. It’s a great tourney. Give this tourney a home!



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