MURPHY’S LAW: NFL Drama, ‘too irresistible,’ Wild daughter

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By: John Sears

So who’s your pick to win the Super Bowl?  Last week I would have said the 49ers, this week San Fran is getting pummeled by the Seahawks.  How about Seattle?  No, they  can’t win away from home…Right?  Patriots?  Do you bet against Tom Brady?  Or how about the Packers?  The NFL is such a tossup, so much parity.  I honestly think there are 7 teams that could easily win the Super Bowl and I wouldn’t be surprised. 

My Bears still have a shot at the 6 seed in the NFC, but need help.  Chicago fans will turn in to huge Green Bay and Washington fans next week.  Of course, that’s assuming the Bears beat Detroit. 

Adrian Peterson needs 207 yards to break Eric Dickerson’s all-time single season eric-dickerson1rushing record.  Barring the Packers laying down I don’t think A-P gets the record.  Peterson is currently 8th on the all-time list with 1,898 yards.  A good game against the Pack easily moves him in the top 5.  He’s the MVP if I had a vote.   By the way, is there a ‘cooler’ looking RB than Dickerson?  Rec specs, big mouth guard, jerry curl.

What has happened to the Giants?    The reigning champs are in a worse spot than the Bears to even make the playoffs. 


A dental assistant in Iowa was fired for being ‘too irresistible.’  I’m pretty confident I’ll never be fired for this reason.   

Well, the Mayans were wrong. 

My daughter is almost 2.  She is getting wilder by the day.  I think little kids have to be the toughest humans.  Who else falls down 17 times a day, runs in to walls, chairs, etc. gets back up and keeps going?  My daughter.   


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