MURPHY’S LAW: Iowa Beats UNI, I’ll Have a 3-Weisman, Cyclones Roll

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By: John Sears

Ok Hawkeye fans you can exhale.  Iowa still has never lost to an FCS team. I’m still surprised at how many people picked UNI to beat Iowa.  The Hawkeyes should never lose to an FCS team, EVER.  UNI has a very good team, ‘salty’ as the kids like to say.  That being said, they aren’t as good as Iowa.  The Iowa offense finally got things rolling and actually looked like something that resembled a D-1 offense. 

AIRBHG strikes…Again, and again.  Damon Bullock was knocked silly.  I walked by him on the bench after he left the game, he looked like my daughter when she watches cartoons.  In la-la land, in his own world. Greg Garmon, ouch.  I’ve never dislocated my elbow, it looked extremely painful.  Apparently they ‘popped’ it back in to place on the way to the sideline. 

How do you get rid of the dreaded AIRBHG?  Send in a walk-on transfer fullback from Air Force to plow his way for 113 yards.  Mark Weisman.  Who? Exactly.  Any coincidence there is a shot called ‘the 3 wise men’ and Mark Weisman scored 3 TD’s?  Probably not.  Still, hats off to #45. The kid runs extremely hard and actually has pretty good feet for a FB.  He will have a scholarship in January.

Iowa State did what they needed to, roll over a lower tier FCS team.  They were favored by 38, they won by 34, it could have been more.  ISU finishes the non-conference 3-0.  With a bye week looming the Clones are in prime position to start the season 4-0 when Texas Tech visits Ames on the 29th.  This team will cause major headaches for some of the ‘favorites’ in the Big 12. 

Indiana St. running back Shakir Bell rushed for 349 yards against Drake.  What!?1?  Yes you read that correctly, 349 yards.  That’s more rushing yards than 28 division 1 teams have for the entire season.  How is it possible this kid is not on a D-1 team?  Hmmm, I know a team short on RB’s….. 

Marshalltown long snapper Tyler Kluver will walk-on at Iowa.  He will also play in the Under Armour All-American game.  I had no idea long snappers are invited to All-Star games.  Hats off, this kid has found his craft and is obviously perfecting it. 

I think I counted 276 Whelan ‘security’ personnel at the Iowa-UNI game on Saturday.  Ok, that number might be inflated but do we really need a yellow-shirted Whelan security person every 3 yards on the sideline?  And what exactly do they do, besides yell at photographers for standing 3 inches over the white dotted line?  I’m all for keeping fans safe, but the way some of the Whelan folks act is ridiculous. 


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