MURPHY’S LAW: Hawks Win, Rhoads Recruits, Sister Visits

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The first of two Cy-Hawk rivalry games goes to the Hawks. That’s a big win for Bluder’s Bunch. Lisa Bluder and Bill Fennelly respect each other, but HATE losing the head-to-head match-up. It will be a long weekend for Fennelly.

Iowa is favored Friday night when the men play. That makes sense, I suppose. The Hawks are at home, and have more talent than we’ve seen at Iowa in years. Still, I’m picking Iowa State. I just think ISU’s experience will make a difference. I could be over-estimating that since State’s transfers mean guys are still learning how to play together.

I think it’s the most anticipated Cy-Hawk basketball game in at least five years, maybe seven. Both teams think they have a shot at the tourney, and it’s a longer road for the loser.

Paul Rhoads was asked by a Memphis reporter Thursday if he’s aware of his name being linked to job openings. Rhoads said he’s not. He’s too busy recruiting and getting ready for the Liberty Bowl.

When I asked Jamie Pollard about schools coming after Rhoads, Pollard said, “I hope they do. We want to have a coach others want.” I thought Gene Chizik would leave at first opportunity. I don’t feel that way about Rhoads, and I didn’t feel that way about Kirk Ferentz, back when he was a hot name. I am surprised a school wanted Chizik, because he was not a good head coach at Iowa State. Something Auburn learned, even after winning a national title.

We keep hearing Memphis is the nearest bowl site to Ames, but keen viewers have pointed out that the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl in Detroit is actually closer. Not by much.

Barry Alvarez told Dan Patrick that Bret Bielema was like a son to him, so he was surprised Bielema never hinted about leaving until turning in his resignation. That’s cold.

Consumer Reports says the #1 thing people dread about the holiday season, by far, is crowds and long lines. Somehow “no college football for weeks” didn’t make the list.

Remember when John Travolta was cool, and Olivia Newton-John wore the leather pants she looked sewn into? Well, that was a long time ago, and here’s a reminder: video

My sister, Barbara, my older sister Barbara (she’ll appreciate that), is coming to visit this weekend. We’re all so excited. I don’t get to see her as much as I’d like.

Family and vacation photo album 080
Barbara and her daughter, Brittan.



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